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Building Experience: Senior leads technology renovations for internship

September 3, 2013

The banging and buzzing coming from a nearby corridor piqued Nicholas Neidermeier's curiosity as he sat in class last spring. His later investigation into the ruckus revealed more than just a construction site.

It led to a unique chance to help a company's expanding operations.

Neidermeier spent the summer working as safety/construction management intern and field safety correspondent/technician with Evan & Ryan Electrical/General Contractors. The Terre Haute-based company has recently expanded from solely an electrical contractor into general contracting, said Neidermeier, who joined with the company's renovations on the second floor of Indiana State University's Technology Building. He has worked on several safety-related initiatives for the company while also working as a foreman for some of the final renovations.

"One of the perks to the company growing is that I've actually been able to be in a position to have direct contact, discussion and brainstorming with the president of construction and owner of Evan & Ryan," Neidermeier said. "Many times, it can be difficult to have that direct connection to people as prominent as them, and so there's a measure of prestige with that experience."

Neidermeier previously worked as a professional carpenter before studying at Indiana State. By the time he witnessed the renovations taking place, he had completed his minor in construction management, which gave him educational experience to lead different projects while working for the firm.

"In commercial construction, it's really hard to find qualified people as basic job superintendents or foremen," said Jeff Strode, construction president at Evan & Ryan. "Nick, being very conscious, knowledgeable and experienced, and in light commercial interior renovation jobs specifically, he brought a lot to the job."

Strode and Neidermeier have worked together as professional carpenters in the past before transitioning into their current fields. The Indiana State student saw Strode working on the Technology Building renovations this spring, and they began to talk about opportunities with Evan & Ryan. Neidermeier's position with the company also counts as his internship requirement for graduation.

"Nick's done a fantastic job," Strode said. "He's very professional. He's creative and very safety oriented."

The company has worked on the final phase of a multiyear renovation of the Technology Building's second floor. The three-phase renovations created new classrooms and office space for the College of Technology's built environment department, which was created in 2010.

Neidermeier's work includes the reception area and several addition common areas and office spaces. His experience in working first-hand on the project embodies what the College of Technology is trying to do for students, said Bob English, interim dean of the college.

"We strive to give students the learning experiences that will make them successful when they get out into the career place," English said. "By allowing students to have those professional experiences, it allows them to understand how to prepare to be successful."

Neidermeier also is helping Evan & Ryan establish some of the paperwork and safety expectations for future general contracting work. He is creating job safety analysis documents that the company will use in further developing its safety program.

"Being here in classes, and then on the job and internship has been amazing," Neidermeier said. "My position has allowed for my superiors to focus solely on their job, including managing my supervisorial role. Together we are putting the ducks in order for the company to grow. I've had a great experience."

Photo: (ISU/Rachel Keyes)Indiana State University senior Nicholas Neidermeier sorts through plans for the renovation of the Technology Building at ISU. Neidermeier worked on the project as part of his internship with Evan & Ryan, a general contractor that worked on some of the renovations in the final phase of the multiyear project.

Photo: (ISU/Rachel Keyes)Indiana State University senior Nicholas Neidermeier works near a desk that is part of renovations that transformed the second floor of the Technology Building into the home of the built environment department in the College of Technology.

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