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Indiana State adds accounting to DegreeLink offerings

June 24, 2013

People will have the opportunity to complete their bachelor's degree in accounting starting this fall through Indiana State University's distance education program.

Indiana State has added the courses needed for people with an associate degree to complete their bachelor's degree via the internet through DegreeLink, a program that enables people to transfer college credit and complete their bachelor's degree at a distance. While students have previously been able to take accounting classes or complete an accounting minor, they can now complete all the classes through the Internet that are required for the major.

"There are good career opportunities in accounting," said Ken Brauchle, dean of Extended Learning at Indiana State. "We're making the commitment to offer all the courses online, as many Hoosiers are place bound. They can't come to campus or uproot their families to further their education."

The accounting classes that have been offered online have been well-received, said Steve Lamb, chair of Indiana State's accounting, finance, and insurance and risk management department in the Scott College of Business. The department has received interest from people looking to take more accounting classes at a distance, he added.

"For many of those out there in the working world, taking a class on campus is not a possibility," Lamb said. "We have the sense that sufficient demand exists to support this distance program in a rather healthy fashion."

The program also can be beneficial for people who are working as accountants, but want to be able to complete the education requirements for the certified public accountant (CPA) exam, accounting professor Joe Sanders said.

"We had offered all of our upper-level classes but one," Sanders said. "We were hearing more demand, and that there would be more of a demand for the full degree."

People also have the opportunity to complete the forensic accounting minor, which includes two accounting classes and two criminology courses that are all offered online. Previously, students interested in a business major could have earned a business administration or insurance and risk management degree through DegreeLink.

"Accounting will provide a new specialization for people interested in business" Brauchle said. "We expect more business programs (to be offered through DegreeLink) in the near future."

Accounting is the 11th bachelor's degree program offered through the degree completion program. In the past year, nearly 250 Indiana State students have attained their bachelor's degrees through the program, which is expected to have two more majors added in the next year.

"DegreeLink really helps ISU contribute to the state's goal of increasing the number of Hoosiers who have post-secondary credentials," Brauchle said. "It allows people to complete a bachelor's degree anywhere without having to relocate, uproot their family or quit their jobs."

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Photo: class in Federal Hall, which houses the Scott College of Business at Indiana State University. The business college's accounting major is the latest program added to DegreeLink, a program that enables people to transfer their college credit and complete a bachelor's degree via distance education. People will be able to complete their accounting degree through DegreeLink starting this fall.

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