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Federal Hall to host seminar on Affordable Care Act for small businesses

June 24, 2013

Indiana State University will host an informational seminar focusing on how the Affordable Care Act will impact small businesses when more of the law's components go into effect next year.

The seminar "Healthcare Reform: Impact on Employers and Their Workforce" will be July 8 from 10 a.m. to noon in Federal Hall on Indiana State's campus. The seminar costs $25 to attend and will feature Pat Carney, vice president of employee benefits at Old National Insurance in Terre Haute. The seminar will highlight the Affordable Care Act's impact on businesses that have 50 or less employees, said Heather Strohm, regional director of the West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center housed in Federal Hall with the Scott College of Business.

"If you're a business owner, chances are you probably do not know all the ways the law will affect you, as updates on the regulation keep coming," Strohm said. "We recommend that business owners attend this seminar to learn about some of the recent changes to ensure that they are in compliance. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions to a professional who is very fluent in all of the legislation and regulations associated with the act."

The Small Business Development Center has regularly been receiving inquiries about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Different components of the law have gone into effect at different times, though many components go into effect next year, Strohm said.

The seminar will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn more about general aspects of the law, such as the alternatives to providing health insurance to employees and penalties for businesses that do not comply with the new regulations.

"People are curious on how it's going to impact them, and the impact will run very deep," Strohm said. "It impacts everyone from business owners to workers to health care providers, such as physician's offices and doctor's offices."

Old National Insurance has begun providing informational seminars about the Affordable Care Act, as more people have been requesting more information, Strohm said. Old National has seminars that will present information about how the law impacts employers of different sizes, including larger companies with more than 50 employees, she said.

"They are recommending that businesses start getting into compliance now," Strohm said. "That way everything is taken care of as more parts of the law take effect in 2014."

The seminar program will be about 90 minutes, with 30 minutes for audience members to ask questions. To register for the seminar, visit

For additional information about the seminar or the West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center, contact Becky Kinney at or 812-237-7676. For more information about Old National Insurance, contact Pat Carney at 812-478-6019 or 800-489-4039 ext. 76019.

Photo: Federal Hall, which houses Indiana State University's Scott College of Business and the West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center, will host a seminar July 8 about the Affordable Care Act's impact on small businesses.

Contact: Heather Strohm, regional director, West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center, 812-237-7676 or

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