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Junior dietetics student wins statewide award

April 29, 2013

Hannah Cline struggled with weight issues in high school but when she created her own meal and workout plans, she lost 60 pounds.

"Afterwards, I had friends and people in the school come up to me and ask me to write plans for them," said Cline, now a student at Indiana State University. "Then someone said to me, ‘Why don't you do this as a career?' So I looked into it and gave it a shot."

It's a shot that appears to be paying off.

Cline won the Indiana Dietetics Association's 2013 Outstanding Dietetics Student Award. Carol Reed, coordinator of the food and nutrition program in Indiana State's applied health sciences department, said Cline's accomplishment is especially impressive because this is her first year in the program.

"This is quite an honor. We are very proud that she received this award; we hadn't had it for a while," Reed said. "We were very appreciative that in the midst of everything, with her busy schedule she wanted to apply."

Cline, a junior from Belle Union, is one of only two students to receive the award from all college and university coordinated dietetics programs in the state, including Ball State, Indiana and Purdue universities.

"I just think hard work pays off and I think a lot of time pushing that extra mile, it's nice to see it pay off," she said Cline.

Students' grades as well as participation in extracurricular activities are factors in the award, Reed noted.

"Hannah not only had a good GPA but she is involved. She is the president of the food and nutrition club. She was sweating bullets to get that club going," Reed said. "She also organized a cook-off activity a couple years ago. So I am glad for her get this award. She works very hard and it kind of affirms it."

Cline said she is pleased she chose to attend Indiana State.

"I am glad I ended up here, I thought college was going to be this crazy experience but when I arrived I got right to work," she said.

Indiana State has prepared her with small classes that allow for plenty of interaction with teachers and professors, Cline said.

"Our classes ... are pretty small. Our teachers do care about us and I have been able to build relationships with them," she said. "Having their support helped me prepare."

A 2010 graduate of South Putnam High School, Cline is the daughter of Mindy and Rodney Cline. This summer, she plans to work at a camp for overweight children.


Writer: Beth Pickerill, media relations assistant, Office of Communication and Marketing, Indiana State University,