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White House, higher ed leaders agree cooperation needed on affordability

March 23, 2012


Indiana State University President Dan Bradley said today the Obama administration and higher education leaders agree all interested parties must work together to keep college affordable so that more Americans can complete a four-year degree.

Bradley made the comment following a 90-minute roundtable discussion at the White House with senior administration officials.

"The meeting went well," Bradley said. "The big issue discussed was how to make sure that the affordability issue is looked upon as something that needs to be solved by cooperation between the federal and state governments as well as higher education institutions, parents and students working together. None of us can solve the affordability problems independently."

After launching its own affordability initiative last fall, Bradley said Indiana State is "making substantive changes that will save everyone money, but we're also making sure everyone understands we have responsibility with regard to affordability."

The ISU president was part of a 25-member delegation from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) that took part in the roundtable. Participants included college and university presidents and chancellors and senior AASCU staff.

The White House officials "definitely agree" all stakeholders must work together on issues of college affordability and completion, Bradley said. "They're very frustrated because they see significant new federal dollars going into higher education and then most of the money is eaten up by tuition."

Bradley said he and others in the AASCU delegation believe "too much rhetoric is being used to point fingers at universities rather than making people understand it is not just a university problem. Much of the increase in tuition is a direct result of enrollment growth and decreasing state appropriations."

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