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Military commander joins Indiana State’s unmanned systems program

August 16, 2011

The former commander of the Indiana Air National Guard's 181st Intelligence Wing in Terre Haute stands atop several new command posts - including one at Indiana State University.

Brig. Gen. Jeff Hauser has been named assistant professor of aviation technology and director of unmanned systems, an initiative currently being developed in the College of Technology at ISU. Hauser will help develop the program, in addition to teaching two courses in unmanned systems, which are vehicles and other technology that is remotely operated, and an aviation law course. He began his new position on Aug. 1.

His latest endeavor coincides with his Air National Guard promotion to brigadier general and assistant adjutant general for air, which includes his new assignment overseeing both the 181st Intelligence Wing and the 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne. His schedule also has changed from working full-time with the Indiana Air National Guard to a part-time schedule, which allowed him to take on the new position at Indiana State.

"I've always said that I wanted to teach," said Hauser, who graduated from ISU in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in aviation administration. "I never thought about coming back to the aviation department once I left the Indiana Air National Guard full-time, and it just so happened, the timing with the position really worked out. It couldn't be any better."

Unmanned systems include more than just military technology. The systems have been used by emergency responders in a variety of situations, including Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Japan earlier this year, Hauser said.

"I'm really looking forward to getting into what I consider a field that's probably going to be one of the fastest growing fields out there," Hauser said. "I think in the next few years we'll really see that, and Indiana State right now is on the forefront of unmanned systems, one of the few universities that are trying to start the program and get it going."

Richard Baker, director of ISU's Center for Crisis Leadership and Homeland Security, has developed much of the current program offerings. As the aviation technology department sought out a professor to teach additional unmanned systems courses, officials also wanted someone to help develop the program. Hauser has briefed elected leaders, including the governor's office and congressman, about issues related to unmanned systems, said Harry Minniear, chair of the aviation technology department, which houses the unmanned systems program.

"We're kind of homegrown here," Minniear added. "We're learning about it as we go. ... To get to the next level, we needed a person that had some national exposure to these kinds of systems, and Col. Hauser is the commander of the 181st, and their mission brings that to the table."

The former colonel had been the commander of the 181st Intelligence Wing before his promotion. He was promoted to brigadier general during a ceremony this month in Indianapolis, where his new position will be based.

"It'll be a change, because I've been full time for so long now, and I've been in Terre Haute since 1980, so it'll be bittersweet leaving the 181st Intelligence Wing," Hauser said, "but to gain access to the 122nd and their mission as well, I'm looking forward to it."

Photo: (Courtesy of Indiana Air National Guard/Photo by Master Sgt. John Day)
Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger, The Adjutant General of Indiana, and Mrs. Mary Hauser pin Brig. Gen. rank onto Jeffrey Hauser.

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