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ISU to host 36th annual Law Conference

March 24, 2011

Nearly 150 school and college leaders will brush up on their knowledge of educational law at the School and College Law Conference.

Held on April 13 in Indiana State University's student union, the theme for this year's conference is "The Rules are Changing: New Educational Legislation in Indiana."

"This theme was selected because of the large number of legislative proposals that have been presented to change the focus of education in Indiana," said Terry McDaniel, assistant professor of educational leadership.

Hosted by Indiana State's department of educational leadership, the day will feature speakers and breakout sessions on a variety of specific education and law topics. These sessions include "The Effects of Legislation on Special Education and Special Programs" and "Education and First Amendment Issues," among others.

Keynote speakers will be John Ellis, executive director of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents and Thomas Wheeler, a nationally known attorney who works with educational law.

Attendees include present and future school leaders from around the state, principals, superintendents, and school business officials.

"The purpose [of this conference] is to keep school leaders current with the changes in educational laws and court rulings," said McDaniel, "as well as to provide means for addressing any changes in the schools that are the result of new statutes."

The registration fee is $60. Those interested in attending the conference may call 812-237-2895. Registrations must be received by Friday, April 8.

Contact: Terry McDaniel, assistant professor of educational leadership, College of Education, Indiana State University, 812-237-3862, or

Writer: Mallory Metheny, media relations assistant, Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-3773