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Emeritus professor recognized for student teacher book

December 16, 2010

Two Indiana State University professors began work on the first edition of the book "Supervising Student Teachers the Professional Way" in 1972 and now, almost 40 years later, the book is in its seventh edition.

"This book has been used in universities in every state in the nation over the last 38 years for courses in supervising student teachers," said Marvin Henry, ISU emeritus professor of education.

Due to this book's popularity, Henry will be involved in presentations focusing on it at the annual meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators in February. In addition to his presentations, the ATE will present Henry with the Distinguished Teacher Educator award. One member of the ATE is nominated annually for this award and Henry said he was nominated for his contributions to teacher education and innovation.

"It was a surprise and honor to be recognized by my peers throughout the country," Henry said.

Henry and former ISU professor Wayne Beasley co-authored the book on supervising teachers because they saw a need for a reference guide due to the lack of knowledge in this area.

The pair started gathering information from teachers to get their concerns about student teaching supervision, Henry said.

"Originally, the book was self-published and as it saw success on the market we continued to revise and republish new editions and now it is in its seventh edition," Henry said.

Since the publication of the first edition, other resources have been used to compile data for the book such as additional research and case studies that reflect complications in the current educational environment.
These complications include stretched budgets in school as well as decreased preparation and support for cooperating teachers, Henry said. Cooperating teachers is the term used in this book to refer to the public school teachers who supervise student teachers.

According to the book's preface, it is a valuable reference for cooperating teachers and various people involved with overseeing student teaching programs such as public school administrators, field directors and college supervisors.

"This book has been the principle reference book for student teaching supervision for a number of years as it is a guide showing the step-by-step process," Henry said.

For the book's seventh edition and due to his retirement in 1995, Henry decided it was time to turn the book over to Rowman and Littlefield Education publishers. This edition also has a new co-author, Ann Weber from Illinois State University.

Included in the latest edition are strategies for planning the transition student teachers undergo as their role changes to a teacher, responding to teaching evaluations and writing the letter of recommendation.

Writer: Alexa Larkin, Indiana State University, media relations intern, at 812-237-3773.