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Theater 101 plays on stage Dec. 10 at New Theater

December 3, 2010

Indiana State Department of Theater's fall season wraps up next week with freshmen taking the stage.

Students in an introductory theater class will perform plays they wrote and directed at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 10 in ISU's New Theater.

Six plays will be presented, all varying in tone and style, said Arthur Feinsod, ISU professor of theater. Some are hilarious or mildly amusing; others serious or nearly tragic. One parodies almost every popular superhero film or comic book.

There are 25 freshmen or sophomore theater majors and minors involved with the plays, Feinsod said. The students had the opportunity to apply skills they developed as they begin their theater careers.

"They will find that they now have a solid foundation on which to build more sophisticated skills as they advance in ISU's very rigorous theater program," Feinsod said.

Admission is free for everyone.

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