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Liu invited to attend Qatar world education summit

November 30, 2010

Karen Liu, Indiana State University professor of early childhood education, will be attending the second World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha, Qatar, Dec. 7-9.

"I was honored to be invited and to discuss educational issues with a group of prominent scholars" Liu said.

The summit, sponsored by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, brings together 1,000 prominent education, corporate, political and social leaders from across the globe. Under an overall theme of "Building the Future of Education," participants will focus discussions on two main areas of "Improving Education Systems" and "Exploring Innovative Trends."

Liu, the past president of the Association for the Childhood Education International, focuses her research and teaches classes on early childhood education. She also has served on panels revising early childhood standards.

"To serve as a representative to this global platform is wonderful," she said about the opportunity to attend the WISE summit.

Liu said the summit concentrates on three areas: pluralism, community development and creativity.

"Everyone should have an equal opportunity, each child can be successful," she said. "There should be no boundaries in race, region or nationality (in education)."

While each child should have the right to be educated, Liu said education does not happen solely in the classroom. Families and communities also must support education and their children's learning. Then teachers must use creativity in teaching and thinking to reach children.

"Those are the most effective and best ways to teach," Liu said about the creativity aspect of the summit.

Liu said she is eager to speak with others about educational practices worldwide.

"Education issues addressed at the global level could be act locally," she said. "You can see how global strategies could fit in local systems and way of doing things. I really want to bring back some great ideas that I can share with my colleagues at conferences, or share with people in the fields of elementary, early childhood or educational leadership."

Early childhood education is important for young children and Liu said young children are ready to learn at very younger age.

"If young children have the opportunity to learn at very young age, then by the time they enter kindergarten, they will be eager to learn and willing to learn," she said about children attending preschool programs. "They also have a good foundation to learn."

Early childhood education professionals need to have an interest in children's learning.

"They need to know how to provide opportunities and rich learning environment for children to explore," Liu said.

Karen Liu

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