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Hispanic Global Night celebrates Hispanic Heroes

October 12, 2009

Those who attend ISU's Hispanic Global Night Saturday will have an opportunity to eat traditional Hispanic food, play Hispanic games and dance the native dance.

Hispanic Global Night takes place from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. in Hulman Memorial Student Union Dede I, II and III. The activities of the evening, with its theme "Diversity, Hybridity and Hispanic Heroes," will give attendees an opportunity to learn and experience much about the Hispanic culture.

The program honors heroes of Latin America whose commitment to their causes in many instances cost them their lives. There will be tributes to Cesar Chavez, who consistently fought for the rights of all Hispanic workers in the USA; and Simon Bolivar, considered the father of South America who envisioned 200 years ago a United States of Latin America.

Attendees will have an opportunity to watch and even participate in hybrid dancing demonstrations that will mix salsa and merengue styles with those of other world countries. Children all of all ages can play the traditional table game "Lotería" which makes learning Spanish fun and entertaining. There will be traditional Hispanic food and drinks offered to all those in attendance.

The keynote presentation will be given by an unlikely member of the Indiana State University community because the presenter is neither Hispanic nor Latino. The presenter will advocate brotherhood among all races and cultural heritages.

Tickets are on sale now through Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the ISU Hulman Memorial Student Union commons. Tickets will also be available at the door the evening of the event and are $5 for students with an ISU ID and $7 for the general public.

For more information, contact Gerardo T. Cummings, faculty advisor for the Hispanic Student Association, at or (812) 237-2359 or Daniela Baez of the Hispanic Student Association at

Contact: Gerardo T. Cummings, assistant professor of Spanish, Indiana State University, at 812-237-2359 or

Writer: Rachel Wedding McClelland, assistant director of media relations, Indiana State University at 812-237-3790 or