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Servant leadership conference set for Oct. 8

September 23, 2009

The Leading through Service Servant Leadership Conference, featuring retired Brig. Gen. Maureen LeBouef, will be held at the Indiana State University Cunningham Memorial Library on Friday, Oct. 8.

The event, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., will focus on servant leadership among the workplace and organizations as well as inside the classroom.

Robert Greenleaf, founder of the Greenleaf Center, defined servant leadership as a person first wanting to serve and then to lead in developing people into servant leaders. Every person can have value and contribute to the organization.

"It's the model management in the 21st Century," said
Betsy Hine, associate dean and librarian at Indiana State University.

The conference is just as important for students to attend as staff, faculty and the business community, according to Hine.

Most students will play significant roles and take part in organization or their places of employment.

"We want to bring student leadership in the classrooms. You can learn from a student just as much as you can from a professor," said Hine.

Registration includes continental breakfast, lunch and a free book on servant leadership. The cost of the conference will be $50 while student tickets are $10.

There will be three keynote speakers - LeBoeuf, Kent Keith, and Jerry Glashagel.

LeBoeuf served in the U.S. army for 28 years, including as a professor and head of the department of physical education at the United States Military Academy from1997 until her retirement in 2004. She was the first woman department head at the academy and earned the title "Master of Sword."

Keith is the CEO of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, based in Indiana. He is internationally known for "Paradoxical Commandments" that he published for student leaders in 1968.

His 2002 book, "Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments" became an international bestseller and has been translated in 17 languages.

Glashagel is a member of the Greenleaf Center and author of "Servant Institutions in Business." He will also be speaking and his book will be available to all registered guests of the event. Glashagel has worked with both for-profit organizations as well as non-profit organizations in the USA as well as internationally.

There will be breakout sessions led by Max Douglas, professor of management at Indiana State University; Jan Arnett, retired dean of students at ISU; Jason Winkle, associate dean for student services in the College of Nursing at ISU; and ISU students Analyssa Noe and Matt Huckleby.

The conference is open to students, faculty and staff at ISU as well as the public.

For additional information and to register, visit .

The Cunningham Memorial Library, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, the Alliance for Servant- Leadership, and the ISU Foundation sponsor the Servant Leadership Conference.

Contact: Betsy Hine, Indiana State University, interim associate dean and librarian, at 812-237-2562 or

Writer: Kendra Thomas, Indiana State University, media relations intern, at 812-237-3773 or