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Commuter lounge open house at ISU set for Sept. 24

September 16, 2009

Indiana State University will host an open house at the campus' newest commuter student lounge on Sept. 24.

The open house, from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. will give commuter students and others a chance to check out the lounge on the second floor of the Cunningham Memorial Library, which was completed near the end of last semester.

At 2 p.m., there will be a short program to award scholarships to selected commuter students.

"We know a lot of people hang out in the library," said Michael Gant, commuter services coordinator. "This is just another niche for commuter students to have their own area."

The lounge, which before had only tables and chairs, has been partitioned off from the rest of the second floor.

"We put a glass wall across the front," Gant said. "Now commuter students can spend time between classes in an environment they feel is their own."

The commuter student lounge in the HMSU opened last year, but the opening of the lounge in the library offers students a place to go other than the Commons.

"Before they were relegated to hanging out in the commons or in the hallways outside the classrooms," Gant said.

The new lounge in the library features the closed circuit "ISU Live" television network which provides cable news channels as well as scrolling updates on university news and events.


Contact: Michael Gant, Indiana State University, commuter services coordinator, at 812-237-8423 or

Writer: Lana Schrock, Indiana State University, media relations assistant, at 812-237-3773 or