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Leadership Hall dedication honors Boyd, Ulm

September 18, 2009

When Indiana State University officials dedicated Leadership Hall on Sept. 12, they also honored two long-time College of Education faculty members.

The Robert Boyd Leadership Hall pays tribute to a man who has taught in the Indiana State educational leadership, administration and foundations (ELAF) department since 1988. The Gregory Ulm Endowment in Educational Leadership honors a man who worked for many years in the ELAF department and continues to mentor students and faculty as well as promote the College of Education since his retirement.

"We gather however not only to dedicate a space, we come to celebrate not only the importance of leadership at educational institutions but to honor two persons who tirelessly worked to raise up the importance of leadership," said Josh Powers, chair of the educational leadership, administration and foundations department during the dedication.

Before the unveiling of the plaques in Leadership Hall, Ulm and Boyd spoke about being honored.

"Part of the reason I'm here today is Bob invited me as he did so many of you," Ulm said.

When the Laboratory School, of which Ulm was principal, closed, Boyd invited Ulm to be a part of Indiana State's ELAF faculty.

"I'm humbled and honored he would give me that opportunity," Ulm said.

Calling the dedication of the hall named in his honor humbling, Boyd added, "It brings out pride I've always had in this place. This is not about Bob Boyd. It's about everybody out in the field who chose our program and who wanted to be better at what they chose to do."

Richard Helton, president of Vincennes University who served as the keynote speaker in the dedication, said all the characteristics of leadership, including integrity and endurance, are characteristics of Boyd and Ulm.

"They honed their skills for the betterment of us," said the 1991 Indiana State University doctoral graduate. "Do you know why they did that? So we can do that for others."

Mary Anne Hanner, dean of the College of Sciences at Eastern Illinois University, said the men have made a difference in many students' lives.
"I know that many of us would not be here today, would not have experienced doctoral education at Indiana State University, if it weren't for the vision and leadership of Dr. Robert Boyd, who brought the Wednesday residency program to ISU," said Hanner, a 1994 ISU doctoral graduate. "As students we experienced the caring support of Dr. Greg Ulm, who through his commitment to student and to the institution demonstrated servant leadership to us every day."

C. Jack Maynard, Indiana State provost, said Boyd and Ulm, as well as the rest of the ELAF faculty, set high standards.

"We must continue to engage in practice," he said. "We cannot sit here in an ivory tower. We have to be connected to what's going on."

The dedication of the hall will further aid the department in its future goals, according to College of Education Dean Brad Balch: "That is to be the premier program for working professionals in educational leadership."

As part of the dedication, current students reflected on the importance of leadership, including Erik Hayes, who is working on his doctorate in higher education leadership.

"I had no idea what kind of background I'd get, the broadness of that and the content we would cover and how applicable it was to what I was doing every day," he said. "I'm in the process of finishing up something that will give me more than a piece of paper to hang behind me, more than a credential, more than window dressing."

Christina Armstrong , a graduate student in student affairs and higher education, said she has seen herself grow during the past year of the program and she's learned what being a leader means.

"I now understand that being a leader doesn't always mean having a title. A president, vice president or assistant to the vice president of student affairs has no more leadership on campus than the student who serves as a peer advocate," she said. "A leader is someone who takes their passion for an idea and makes other people feel just as passionate about it."

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Cutline: Robert Boyd and Greg Ulm unveil the dedication plaques for Leadership Hall. ISU Photo/Tony Campbell