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ISU College of Business Professors appointed to an online editorial board

September 11, 2009

Indiana State University professors Susan Moncada and William Svihla have been invited to join the business editorial board for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT).

Moncada, a professor of accounting, was an associate editor for MERLOT last year and has been invited again to join the business editorial board. Svihla, an assistant professor of accounting, was a peer reviewer last year who has been invited to join the business editorial board based on his contributions of the last year.

MERLOT is an online community that connects faculty, staff and students from around the world through sharing of learning materials. It is supported by 24 online systems, the Institution of Higher Education and the National Science Foundation. It is endorsed by the educational learning initiative of EDUCAUSE.

Moncada and Svihla, along with other faculty members from other institutions, have been performing the peer review of instructional technology, modeled after the peer review process for research and scholarship.

Members of MERLOT are faculty with expertise in the scholarship of their fields who demonstrate excellence in teaching, experience in using technology in teaching and learning, and have connections to professional organizations in their concentration.

Both ISU professors will have the responsibility of expanding and managing the collection of online learning materials in their discipline, educating and reaching out to the community of educators, implementing and managing the MERLOT peer review process for materials and recruiting and training peer reviewers.

This honor acknowledges the valuable contribution these professors have made to advancing teaching and learning within the business concentration.

Writer: Bailee Souder, media relations intern, 812-237-3773 or