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24th Annual Authors and Artists Reception honors ISU faculty, staff, and students

April 24, 2009

On Wednesday, April 22, Indiana State University's Cunningham Memorial Library held a reception recognizing staff and faculty who have published written, artistic or performed material.

"This is the library's opportunity to honor our students, staff and faculty members for their written and artistic accomplishments," said Alberta Comer, dean of the library. "It's our chance to give back to the people who give so much to the university, community, and state."

Friends of the Cunningham Memorial Library began the reception in 1985 for faculty who were published during the year. In 1999, the event expanded to include performing and visual arts.

Marsha Miller, reference instructor and librarian at ISU, said she looks forward to this event each year.

"It is one of three big events held in the library each year," said Miller. "It's one of the few chances for our faculty, staff, and students to get recognized locally."

Along with acknowledging the 28 staff and faculty members who have achieved success for their work, President Daniel Bradley also said a few words.

"This is a chance to celebrate all of the great work and successes our faculty, staff, and students have accomplished," he said.

Aside from recognizing this group of talented individuals, library officials also awarded the Bakerman Undergraduate and Graduate Research Awards to students who have written outstanding research papers from the previous year using the resources from the Cunningham Memorial Library. The undergraduate student received a $1,000 award, while the graduate student received a $1,500 award.

Undergraduate winner Shelley Mitchell, who was nominated by Terry L. Dean, a music instructor, received her award for a research paper she wrote titled, "William Byrd- Covert Catholic Values with Anglican Anthems, Comparison of Style to Catholic Gradualia." Mitchell is a junior music major from Batesville.

The graduate winner, Amanda Jamison, was nominated by Elaina M. Tuttle, an associate professor of biology. She received the award for her research paper titled, "Connecting Disease with the Environment: What can Multi-disciplinary Science do for Epidemology?" Jamison, is from Syracuse, N.Y., and is pursuing a master's in biology.

Those honored at this year's reception are:

- P.G. Aaron, former professor of educational and school psychology, for his book, "Becoming a Professional Reading Teacher."

- John Allen, associate professor of chemistry, for his book, "Chemistry Matters."

- Sandra Allen, professor of chemistry education and chemistry, for her book, "Chemistry Matters."

- Michael Angilletta, associate professor of biology, for his book, "Thermal Adaption: A Theoretical and Empirical Synthesis."

- Kimberly Bodey, assistant professor of recreation/sports management for her book, "Sport Governance and Policy Development: An Ethical Approach to Managing Sport in the 21st Century."

- Matthew Brennan, director of graduate studies, for his book, "The Sea-Crossing of Saint Brendan."

- Ray Chen, assistant professor of art, for his artwork at 10 present exhibitions, one solo exhibition, 12 invitational exhibitions, 17 juried exhibitions, and 11 permanent collections.

- William Dando, Emeritus Chairperson and professor of geography, geology, and anthropology, for his book, "Climate Change and Variation: A Primer for Teachers."

- Douglas Herrman, Emeritus professor of psychology, for his book, "SuperMemory II: The Latest and Best Way to use Memory Successfully."

- Betsy Hine, Interim associate dean and librarian, for her book, "The Hine Bibliography of Selected Resources on Servant Leadership."

- Mary Howard-Hamilton, professor of ELAF, for her book, "Standing on the Outside Looking In: Underrepresented Students' Experiences in Advanced Degree Programs."

- Marion Jackson, Emeritus professor of life sciences biology, for the work, Set of four documentaries based on the book, "The Natural Heritage of Indiana."

- Feng Qi Lai, associate professor of curriculum, instruction, media technology for the book, "Fundamental Computer Skills."

- Isaac Land, assistant professor of history, for his book, "Enemies of Humanity: The nineteenth-century War on Terrorism."

- Teddy Lenderman, Director of special events, alumni affairs, ISU foundation, for her book, "Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Wedding" (5th edition).

- Dave Nichols, assistant professor of history, for his book, "Red Gentlemen and White Savages: Indians, Federalists, and the Search for order on the American Frontier."

- Nancy Nichols-Pethick, assistant professor of painting and art, for her work, "Dandelion Study," "Ephemeroptera," and a solo show at Halcyon Art Gallery.

- Diana Quatroche, chairperson, professor of elementary, early and special education, for her book, "Becoming a Professional Reading Teacher."

- Thomas H. Sawyer, professor of physical education, and recreation/sports management, for his book, "Sport Governance and Policy Development: An Ethical Approach to Managing Sport in the 21st Century."

- David Vancil, librarian, head of special collections, for his piece, "Night Photo."

- Rachel Wedding-McClelland, for the October 2008 production of her play, "Man to Man," performed at Second City in Chicago.

- Beth Whitaker, associate professor of elementary, early, special education for her book, "Motivating and Inspiring Teachers: The Educational Leader's Guide for Building Staff Morale."

- Todd Whitaker, professor ELAF, for his books, "The 4 Core Factors for School Success," "What Great Principals Do Differently" (Audio), and "Motivating and Inspiring Teachers: The Educational Leader's Guide for Building Staff Morale."

- David Worley, Chairperson, professor of communication, for his book, "Communication Counts: Getting it Right in College and Life."

- Deborah Worley, Public Relations coordinator, professor of communication, for her book, "Communication Counts: Getting it Right in College and Life."

- Sala Wong, assistant professor of art, for her work titled, "Persistence of Absence," "Weaving Time- An Experience of Then and Now," Hong Kong.


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Cutline: Rachel Wedding McClelland accepts the award for the production of her play "Man to Man," which was performed at Second City in Chicago while Jacob Eubanks, ISU librarian, listens. ISU Photo/Kara Berchem


Cutline: Shelley Mitchell, a junior music major from Batesville, receives her certificate after being named a Bakerman Undergraduate Student Research Award winner from Anthony Kaiser, ISU librarian. ISU Photo/Kara Berchem.


Cutline: Amanda Jamison, a biology graduate student from Syracuse, N.Y., speaks to the audience after receiving the Bakerman Graduate Student Research Award as Library Dean Alberta Comer looks on. ISU Photo/Kara Berchem.