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Amy Huntsinger: from the classroom to the boardroom

March 5, 2009

Amy Huntsinger, a senior at Indiana State University, leaves her dorm room early each morning and doesn't usually return until evening. A full load of classes, an internship as a special events coordinator, duties as student trustee, a regular babysitting job and extracurricular activities occupy most of her time.

It's a schedule that can get hectic, but Huntsinger wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's sometimes a challenge to balance everything, but I would rather be busy than bored," she said. "I've learned to prioritize."

Huntsinger's brother, Doug, served as student trustee at ISU from 2001-2003. His positive experiences as a campus leader made his younger sister eager to apply for the position.

"I knew it would be a great experience for me and the next step toward leadership," she said.

The public relations major and marketing minor was appointed to the Board of Trustees in July 2007 and her term will end this summer. During the past two years Huntsinger has helped implement some major changes at the university. She cites the hiring of new ISU president Dan Bradley as her most memorable project while on the board.

"Picking a new president is not something every student trustee gets to do or be a part of," she said. "Not a lot of students get to be involved in something of that magnitude."

Huntsinger prepares for each meeting by looking over agenda items and jotting down any questions or ideas that come to mind.

"I see my role as the eyes and ears of what's going on around campus," she said. "I think you grasp a better understanding of the university by serving as a trustee. I know the inner workings of the institution and how everything works together."

For the past two years, Huntsinger has interned with Teddy Lenderman, ISU's director of special events. Now, preparing to graduate in May, she has started job searching. While she doesn't know where she'll end up, she hopes to do something related to sport event planning. Her work at ISU, both in the classroom and in the boardroom, has given her the confidence she needs to face the job market.

"Serving as a student trustee has been such a learning experience," she said. "I feel privileged to work with and learn from such successful professionals."

In addition to keeping up with classes, interning and serving as student trustee, Huntsinger is active in the Chi Omega Sorority where she is a past-president. She has also served as a Learning Community peer assistant and in the Student Government Association. Huntsinger has made the Dean's list every semester at ISU. She works at Cocoa Boutique and has a regular babysitting job in the afternoons and often works on homework assignments while she waits for her young charge at dance practice.

The daughter of Dennis and Cathy Huntsinger of Frankton, Huntsinger attended Frankton Junior Senior High School where she participated in sports, student council and numerous other activities. When she came to ISU, she knew she wanted to be just as involved in her college community as she was during high school.

One of Huntsinger's favorite parts of her ISU experience has been the relationships she's created not only with her sorority sisters and fellow students, but with top administrators. She said it's not unusual to be walking across campus and stop to chat with a professor or even President Bradley.

"That wouldn't happen at a lot of other colleges," she said. "This is the perfect campus size for me."

She hopes other students, especially freshmen, will take advantage of the opportunities available at Indiana State.

"There's so much to get involved with here," she said. "This is such a place of opportunity and people should definitely take advantage of that. It's there for the taking if you have the initiative."


Writer: Emily Taylor, assistant director of media relations, Communications & Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-3790 or

Photo: Amy Huntsinger