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Bloggers help potential students, parents learn more about ISU

October 22, 2007

Prospective college students and parents searching for the perfect university can find the task a bit overwhelming, but Indiana State University’s student bloggers can help.

The current bloggers - Raphael Adeola, Andrew McCarty, Amanda Pinney and Jordan Snoddy - provide insight about campus life; time management; and, of course, the fun and excitement along the way.

The ISU blog gives a first-hand account of what the college experience is like, from deadlines to parking tickets, intramurals to cafeteria food.

Adeola, a sophomore marketing major from Indianapolis, serves as a resident assistant and a Sycamore Ambassador. He enjoys using his communication skills in the blog just as he does in his marketing courses.

“I want to share my everyday life experience with viewers,” he said, beginning a recent posting with the statement: “Wow, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me this past Wednesday …”

Adeola promises to convey the realities of college life and looks forward to keeping up on his favorite activities during homecoming and even spring break • though that’s still a long way off.

McCarty also is a Sycamore Ambassador but his favorite campus activity is Intervarsity, a campus ministry. A science education major from Wabash who volunteers and serves as a referee for several community teams and organizations, McCarty finds he can create the time to keep up on the blog.

“It’s mostly a matter of using available time instead of wasting it on video games or TV, because there is definitely time available,” he said. “I really like to share what I’ve enjoyed doing on campus to help change the perception that campus is boring.”

Pinney, a freshman nursing major from Morgantown, understands how important the blog is to potential students.

“I wanted incoming freshmen and their parents to know that there is so much to do at Indiana State and that the campus and community here are great,” she said.

Pinney plans to also include regular updates about her involvement with Alpha Chi Omega, one of several Greek organizations at ISU. “I never kept a journal or anything but always wanted to; this is my motivation to keep one now.”

Snoddy, who represents a demographic of students whose major is “undecided,” takes readers through her process of choosing psychology as her primary area of study.

When it comes to the ISU blog, Snoddy, a sophomore from Covington, has found it easy to express the ideas of campus life and believes it will truly benefit future students.

“I feel like these future students will learn how to come to college prepared and less fearful,” she said. “I also feel that current students can learn from our experiences. They may learn better studying skills or time management or even learn about upcoming events.”

To access the ever-evolving student blog site of ISU, go to ISU bloggers.

Meet the bloggers ISU student bloggers for fall 2007 are: (left to right) Raphael Adeola of Indianapolis, Jordan Snoddy of Covington, Andrew McCarty of Wabash, and Amanda Pinney of Morgantown.

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