Indiana State University's Networks Financial Institute honored by Indiana House and Senate

February 21 2006

The Indiana House and Senate recognized Indiana State University's Networks Financial Institute yesterday for its continuous efforts to increase and improve human resources for the financial services industry and well as its in-depth and far-reaching financial literacy initiatives throughout the state.

"We're really pleased to gain this kind of recognition for a program of study that is really important for preparing future leaders in financial services for the state," said ISU President Lloyd W. Benjamin. "Our goal is to continue to build on the success we've had for the past four years as we continue to attract some of the brightest and the best who want to be involved in that industry."

Representatives of Indiana State, Networks and the Networks Scholars Program were present as the House and Senate presented the joint resolution on their behalf. One reason for the resolution, which was introduced by Rep. Clyde Kersey and Senator Tim Skinner, was the fact that Indiana State provides vital resources to the financial services and insurance and risk management industries via the prestigious Networks Scholars program.

"The students really speak for the Networks Scholars program and for its success," said Elizabeth Coit, executive director of Networks Financial Institute at ISU. "It's amazing how fast and how successfully they can really start to embrace their careers, even in the early years of their college education, and opportunities like this give them a leg up that they wouldn't get otherwise."

Networks Scholar April Huey, a junior accounting and finance major, says the experience of being publicly recognized at the Statehouse was an occasion she'll not soon forget.

"It was very encouraging to hear so many of our state representatives come out in support of the Networks Scholars program and Networks Financial Institute at ISU," said Huey, who was one of about 25 scholars in attendance. "It was a unique experience for all of us."

In addition to the extremely competitive scholars program, Kersey said Networks "leads the way" in regard to its statewide education and outreach initiatives on current financial literacy issues.

"The legislature is looking for universities to do these kinds of things," Kersey said, "so Indiana State is very much in tune with what the legislature would like to have happen. Indiana State is on the leading edge, and that is something that we are very proud of."

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The Indiana House and Senate honored Networks Financial Institute for its efforts

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