Eight faculty members receive President's Medal

April 16 2008

Eight Indiana State University educators received the university’s highest award for faculty Wednesday (April 16) during a recognition banquet that saw a total of 16 individuals recognized for distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the university. (See related story.)

ISU President Lloyd W. Benjamin III presented the President’s Medal to Mary Ann Boose, John Conant, Jeff Edwards, Al Finch, William Giffin, Betsy Hine, Michael Murphy and Diana Quatroche.

Mary Ann Boose, professor, insurance and risk management
An Indiana State faculty member since 1995, Boose was recognized for performing her duties as professor and program coordinator “with admirable enthusiasm and productivity,” for being “a tireless fundraiser” for the nationally-recognized program and for going “far beyond the call” in providing students with opportunities for international study and travel. Under her leadership, the university applied for and was granted $5 million to establish the Gongaware Center in the College of Business and has raised nearly $2 million for student awards, scholarships and career development.

John Conant, professor of economics
Conant, who has served the university since 1981, was recognized for having mentored students at ISU and beyond in the areas of economics and social studies education; for conducting professional development workshops for teachers on economic education, internationalization and globalization; and for applied research for governmental agencies. He is chair of the department of economics and director of the university’s Center for Economic Education. Conant “devoted himself tirelessly” to ISU’s international initiatives, Benjamin said, noting that he developed close ties with partner institutions in China, Thailand and Morocco and hosted many international visiting scholars.

Jeff Edwards, professor of physical education and athletic training
At Indiana State since 1995, Edwards, acting chair of the department of physical education and interim chair of the department of athletic training, was recognized for his “great success” in teaching, advising and mentoring students preparing to serve as exercise physiologists. He has authored more than 120 books, articles and scientific abstracts in the areas of kinesiology, neuroscience, sports medicine, athletic training, gerontology, rehabilitation and physiology. Edwards has provided consultation for many groups and professional service organizations and has provided “exemplary service” to the university by serving on a variety of campus groups, including the ad hoc committee for the development of the new College of Nursing, Health and Human Service. He also “has devoted and continues to devote boundless energy and expertise” to a number of college and professional sports teams, Benjamin said.

"I am honored to be a recipient of the President’s Medal. It is very humbling and a bit intimidating when I look at the list of past and present award winners all of whom I hold in high esteem,” Edwards said. “All of my efforts and the subsequent accomplishments are, in truth, a result of collaboration with a great many wonderful colleagues, friends, and students. I am the beneficiary of having had the good fortune to work alongside great people. Therefore my acceptance of this honor is in recognition of their efforts and is a tribute to their ideas, work, and passion."

Al Finch, professor of exercise science
During his 28-year tenure at Indiana State, Finch’s professional activities in the Biomechanics Analysis Laboratory have resulted in him serving as a research biomechanist at the 1982 National Sports Festival for the U.S. Olympic Committee Research Group, the International Track and Field Coaches Association at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, for the USA Track and Field Elite Hurdler Development Program and at the US National Track and Field Championships since 1998, including the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials and the 2002 NCAA Cross Country National Championships. Finch’s work has resulted in publication of 40 refereed research papers, 30 of which were international publications; 43 published abstracts; 84 research publications; and 20 electronic collections of regional, national and international sport performances. In addition to his service as a teacher and researcher, Finch was also recognized for his devotion to girls’ basketball, softball, and soccer and for guiding the development of skill, sportsmanship and personal growth of youth in the Wabash Valley.

“I am honored to receive this prestigious award,” Finch said. “I have had the opportunity to develop world class exercise science laboratories during my tenure at ISU. In addition to professional research, I am able to demonstrate just about any real world exercise science application in my classes. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Gideon Ariel of Ariel Dynamics, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Center for Instructional Research and Technology for supporting me in obtaining and maintaining the motion analysis software and peripherals necessary for teaching and research in this highly technical study of human movement. Sincere thanks are due to my family. Both my daughters attend ISU and that says the world about the quality of our institution.”

William Giffin, professor of history
Completing his 40th year on the ISU history faculty, Giffin was recognized for teaching generations of students, both undergraduate and graduate, “receiving enthusiastic evaluations from students year after year.” Giffin’s books include “African Americans and the Color Line in Ohio, 1915 to 1930,” which was nominated for the Bancroft Prize, the most prestigious award for a book on U.S. history. He has presented many conference papers and had numerous chapters and articles published in scholarly journals and reference works, including an article in the “American National Biography” on Francis Vigo. Giffin has served on every major faculty committee of the university and “with unassuming yet unflagging dedication, (he) continues daily to be a model ISU faculty colleague,” Benjamin said.

“Teaching, scholarship and other academic activities are my pleasures as well as my duties. Thus, I am fortunate and very grateful for this extraordinary expression of appreciation of my work at ISU,” Giffin said. “I thank the university for recognizing faculty accomplishments. The President’s Medal and the special awards to faculty bring attention to the high level of pedagogy and scholarship that often is exhibited by our faculty. I am glad to have this opportunity to publicly say thanks to my family, friends and colleagues, especially the historians, for enriching my work experience and my life.”

Betsy Hine, librarian
At Indiana State’s Cunningham Memorial Library since 1987, Hine “continues with great success to manage and administer cataloging activities and mentor new librarians,” while her scholarly and professional work includes 14 local, state, national and international presentations and 12 publications and she “contributes significantly to the development of librarianship,” Benjamin said. She has exhibited leadership in a variety of organizations, notably the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Indiana Library Federation and the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority and she devotes “boundless energy and expertise” as a faculty adviser and liaison and as a more than 20-year board member of United Campus Ministries, Benjamin noted.

“I'm very humbled to be the first library faculty member to receive this prestigious award and to be in the company of the other recipients, this year and in past years,” Hine said. “I could only have been considered for the award through the efforts and support of all the faculty and staff in the library for it is through their work and support that I have achieved anything. I thank them, the president and the university for this recognition.”

Michael Murphy, professor of psychology
In 34 years at Indiana State, Murphy “has inspired generations of students” and “has established a record of service to ISU, the profession of clinical psychology, and the community, that is second to none,” Benjamin said. Murphy has directed the preparation of more than 188 clinical psychologists who have graduated from ISU’s Doctor of Psychology Program. He is a regular contributor to scholarly journals, a frequent presenter at workshops and conferences, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a respected leader of the Indiana Psychological Association. He has received the Heiser Award for Advocacy on Behalf of Psychology for his contributions to the passage of 12 state laws affecting mental health services in Indiana. He also maintains a private practice, serving individual patients, courts, public agencies, hospitals, business and industry. “Professor Murphy embodies the ideal of the teacher-scholar-public servant whose professional expertise and unflagging dedication provide lasting benefits to his students, the University, his discipline, and our society,” Benjamin said.

Diana Quatroche, professor of elementary, early and special education An ISU faculty member since 1998, Quatroche “has devoted and continues to devote her time and expertise to serve her discipline and kindergarten-12 schools using the proficiency she has developed through research and teaching and in recognition of her leadership in the field of literacy,” Benjamin said. Her work includes 58 local, state, national and international presentations, numerous books and refereed journal articles, more than 14 intra- and extramural grants and the development of standards for reading specialists. She is a “major contributor” to the development of her field, having served as executive director of the Indiana Reading Association and a contributor to other organizations. Her activities demonstrate Indiana State’s important role in the preparation of teachers, Benjamin said.

“I am very honored to be chosen as one of the recipients of the President's Medal,” Quatroche said. “The many opportunities I have had at Indiana State University enriched my professional life culminating in this special recognition. I would also like to acknowledge the support of colleagues in my department and the College of Education.”

Writer: Dave Taylor, media relations director, Indiana State University, 812-237-3743 or dave.taylor@indstate.edu

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Eight Indiana State University educators received the university's highest award for faculty Wednesday (April 16) during a recognition banquet that saw a total of 16 individuals recognized for distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the university. (See related story.)

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