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January 24, 2003

Harper named track chair for institute

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. Jeff Harper, associate professor of management information systems in the organizational department of the Indiana State University School of Business, has recently been named track chair for case studies for the 34th annual meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. The meeting will be in November in Washington, D.C.

Harper was appointed to the position by Thomas W. Jones, president of the Decision Sciences Institute and professor at the University of Arkansas, based upon his reputation as a leading scholar in case studies research in business and industry. Harper has taught at ISU since 1998.

The largest and best-known organization of its kind, the Decision Sciences Institute provides an international forum for presenting and sharing research in the study of decision processes across disciplines, in both traditional and emerging areas of study. Specifically, the institute seeks to define the scope of quantitative methods to functional and behavioral problems of administration and the degree of sophistication that should be achieved by graduates of collegiate schools of business administration.

Some of Harper's most recent publications include:

  • Moates, W. and Harper, J. (2003) "The Doctor's Office," Annual Advances in Business Cases, forthcoming.
  • Harper, Jeffrey S. (2000) "Development of a Method for Analyzing and Classifying Technology Transfer Problem Statements," Journal of Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education: Innovations and Research, 1:3, (September-December), pp. 9-19.
  • Harper, Jeffrey S., Moates, William H., and Sterrett, Steven, (2001)
  • "Glas-Col Laboratory Products," Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 7:3, pp. 71-78.
  • Harper, Jeffrey S. and Kennedy, R. Bryan (1999) "Cullman Electrical Cooperative (A & B)." Case Research Journal, 19:3, pp. 64-74.


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