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September 13, 2002

ISU binge eating study seeks participants

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. "Food for Thought" is a research project conducted by the Indiana State University Psychology clinic and the Diet and Fitness Center at Duke University for the treatment of overweight people who have problems with binge eating.

The program compares two promising treatment approaches, both of which seek to teach tools that result in greater feelings of control that are more permanent, rather than tied to a specific diet.

Mindfulness meditation helps participants become more aware of true feelings of hunger, become better able to distinguish between physical cues for eating and emotional triggers, and learn to use a wider range of internal signals for stopping eating.

Psycho-educational treatment helps individuals think more systematically and rationally and make food choices that are more permanently satisfying but still healthy. Both approaches provide important group support and use actual food and eating experiences as part of the treatment. Both meet nine times over an eight-week period, with six months of follow-up.

Men or women 18 or older who are at least 30 percent overweight and who binge eat at least twice per week on average and feel out of control of their eating are invited to contact the researchers to learn more about participating in the project. Enrollment is under way through September for groups beginning the week of Oct. 14.

Interested persons may call extension 3317 or go online at


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