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October 21, 2002


NetWorks in Action

Lilly Endowment, Inc.NetWorks is intended to serve as a catalyst for change within the School of Business and the financial services industry itself  [WFIU radio segment]. In fulfilling this purpose, NetWorks will function as an incubator of intellectual capital. It also will seek to accomplish its goals through the formation of new partnerships among participating educators and practitioners.

Among the activities it will engage in are:

Attracting Innovative Thinkers and Scholars from Academia

  • providing research support for the development of scholarly innovation

  • providing opportunities for innovative curricular development

  • providing opportunities to support the development of industry programs and services for the financial services industry


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Attracting the Best and the Brightest Students to ISU’s School of Business

  • providing scholarship opportunities for students

  • providing for experiential learning through internships and class projects

  • providing opportunities for students to participate in research with faculty

Introducing Executive Experience through Scholarly Exchange

  • providing opportunities for an executive-in-residence with academia

  • providing opportunities for a faculty internship with industry

Providing Opportunities for Open Exchange of Ideas

  • sponsoring annual conferences

  • establishing Web-based NetWorks

  • establishing round table conferences  

Providing Opportunities for Financial Services Awareness Programs

  • sponsoring continuing education programs for financial services for Indiana’s k-12 educators

  • developing materials for personal financial education to Indiana’s k-12 educators

  • sponsoring an annual financial services conference in Indianapolis for collegiate and high school students

  • sponsoring seminars promoting the need for personal financial literacy

  • publishing a semi-annual financial services education journal

  • sponsoring an annual ethics symposia both nationally and internationally

Supporting Curricula Development within the ISU School of Business

  • providing mechanism to enhance the focus of undergraduate and graduate programs on the financial services industry

  • providing support for professional development of ISU School of Business faculty

  • providing support for professional development for other ISU faculty contributing to NetWorks programs  

For more information
, contact:

Office of the Dean
School of Business
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Phone:  (812) 237-2000
FAX:  (812) 237-7631