Annual Conference

MAMEIS 2015 Annual Conference

Middle East & Islamic Studies, University of Louisville

"Islamic Modernities: Time and Space"

April 16th-17th, 2015 - University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Keynote Speaker: Asma Afsaruddin

Chair and Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University

The Midwest Association for Middle East and Islamic Studies and University of Louisville's Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program are pleased to present this joint conference on Islamic Modernities: Time and Space at the University of Louisville, April 16th-17th, 2015.

Modernity serves as a dynamic lens for viewing a wide range of transformations in Middle Eastern and Islamic societies, even as no generally accepted definition of modernity has yet emerged. The scholarly discussion on modernity has broadened to view this as not only a global, structural transformation centered on Europe, but a process that has created "many modernities," each with its own local vernacular form. Moreover, modernity has been recognized as not only a temporal period, but also a process manifested in spatial relationships that shape, and are shaped by, historical agents. This conference will highlight current research related to theorizing and applying the concept of "modernity" to Middle East and Islamic studies in a broad, interdisciplinary manner.

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Thursday, April 16th

1:00-1:15 Welcome Address
Ekstrom, W104
Dean's Office
Dr. Julie Peteet, Middle East & Islamic Studies

1:15-4:30 Session I: Modernity in Time and Space
Ekstrom W104
Chair: Greg Hutcheson, University of Louisville
James M. Gustafson, Assistant Professor, Indiana State University
Modernity and the Spatial Imagination of Iranian Elites, 1870-1900
H. Lyman Stebbins, Assistant Professor, LaSalle University
Modernity, Imperialism, and Spheres of Influence in Late Qajar Iran
Todd Reisz, Visiting Assistant Professor, Yale University
"A Deep Reverence to the Region's History"
Kevin W. Martin, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
The Public Security Speak with 'the Voice of Syria': Syria's First Experiment with Authoritarian Culture

Break 4:30 - 5:00

5:00-6:30 Keynote Lecture
Chao Auditorium
Chair: Maryam Moazzen, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
Asma Afsaruddin, Chair and Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University Islam and the Challenge of Modernity

7:30 Conference Dinner
Saffron's Mediterranean
131 Market St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 584-7800

Friday, April 17th

9:00-11:45 Session II: Intellectual History
Ekstrom W104
Chair: Grat Henry, Fons Vitae
Coeli Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, Grand Valley State University
Averroes in the Image of the Modern: How a Thinker is Shaped (and Misshaped) for the Legacy of Medieval Islam
Maryam Moazzen, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
Contesting Intellectual Modernity: The Curriculum of Religious Higher Learning in Qātār Iran
Compatibility of Science and Religion in the Modern World in the Context of Biological Evolution
Mohamed Wajdi Ben Hammed, Ph.D. Student, University of Notre Dame
On Societal Disintegration and the Rise of Antisocial Utopias in Mohammed Achaari's The Arch and the Butterfly

11:45: 12:45 Conference Lunch, University Club

1:00- 3:15 Session III: Modernism in Otooman Studies
Humanities RM 300
Chair: James M. Gustafson, Indiana State University
Zackery M. Heern, Assistant Professor, Murray State University
Eighteenth-century Islamic Reform: Modern Movements or Traditional Relics
Malissa Taylor, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
Islam, Reform, and the State in Ottoman Damascus
James N. Tallon, Assistant Professor, Lewis University
The Islamic Modernisms of the Young Turk Period 1908 - 1913

3:30- 5:45 Session IV: The Politics of Modernization in Turkey
Humanities RM 300
Chair: Pamela Beattie, University of Louisville
Nathan Young, Ph.D. Student, Ohio State University
Loss and Reclamation: Economic Re-purposing of Village Traditions in Western Turkey
Gul Aldikacti-Marshall, Associate Professor, University of Louisville
Gender Equality Policies and the Current Islamist Government in Turkey
Esma Erdogan Kilic, Ph.D. Student, Indiana University-Bloomington
Power Relations, Asabiyya and Islamic Tesettur Styles in Turkey

5:45- 6:00 Concluding Remarks:
James M. Gustafson
, Indiana State University ; President, MAMEIS

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James M. Gustafson
President, MAMEIS
Assistant Professor of History
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809