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The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics offers both undergraduate B.A. and graduate M.A. degrees, as well as two minors and one certificate program.

An undergraduate degree in language studies opens up numerous career paths. Teachers of languages, including English as a second language, are in high demand in Indiana and across the United States. Government offices and international companies need employees with advanced language proficiency, since the number of American consumers who speak languages other than English is growing rapidly. The department offers programs particularly suited for students seeking a functional knowledge of more than one language to enhance their careers, as well as for students who plan to teach English overseas. Graduates with teaching English as a new language licensure may find employment in American public school systems, as well as in private schools and in other countries. The department also participates in the Foundational Studies Program, the Honors Program, the International Studies Program, the International Business Concentration, and the Women’s Studies Program.

The department also offers a master of arts degree in linguistics/teaching English as a second language/cross-linguistics. M.A. students completing sufficient course work in linguistics/TESL or Spanish may fulfill the course work part of Indiana’s English as a New Language or Spanish licensure requirements. In addition, the department offers 12 credit hour graduate and undergraduate certificates in teaching English as a second language/teaching English as a foreign language. This is not a degree program, nor does it confer an initial Indiana teaching license on its recipients. Certificate (in TEFL or TESL) is an internationally recognized term, and many employers in other countries require a certificate of teachers who do not hold a master’s degree.

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics cooperates with the College of Education in the delivery of two programs: The College of Education offers a Transition-to-Teaching Program, which gives language student’s the opportunity to obtain initial teacher licensure at the post-baccalaureate level. In addition, the College of Education offers a doctorate in curriculum and instruction with a specialization in language education for students specializing in the research and practice of second language teaching and teacher education. Applicants for admission to the Transition-to-Teaching Program or the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Curriculum and Instruction with concentration in Language Education should see the College of Education section of the Catalog for a description of the admission requirements for the program.

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