Undergraduate Upcoming Courses

Fall 2013

Please note that higher level courses are listed first -- Click here to see the 101/102 courses offered
All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified


FREN 394 Studies in French   Keri Yousif  
FREN 301 Advanced French Grammar   Keri Yousif  
FREN 201 Intermediate French I   Francois Mulot  
FREN 201L Intermediate French I Lab   Keri Yousif  


GERM 394 Studies in German   Ann Rider  
GERM 321 Advanced German Conversation   Ronald Dunbar  
GERM 308 Weimar and Fascism in German Culture   Ann Rider  
GERM 201 Intermediate German I   Ann Rider  
GERM 201L Intermediate German I Lab   Florence Mathieu-Conner  


JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I   Yoshiko Cockerham  
JAPN 201L Intermediate Japanese I Lab   Yoshiko Cockerham  


LAT 463 Approaches to the Epic   Donald Shorter  
LAT 394 Studies in Latin   Marilyn Bisch  
LAT 301 Advanced Latin Grammar   Donald Jennermann  
LAT 215 Classic Mythology (taught in English)   Donald Shorter or Donald Jennermann  
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin I   Donald Jennermann  
LAT 201L Intermediate Latin I Lab   Donald Jennermann  


LLL 490 Language Teaching Methods   Lisa Calvin  
LLL 400 Senior Project for Students of Language Studies (1 credit)   Solange Lopes-Murphy  
LLL 380 Teaching Chinese in Elementary School   TBA  
LLL 380 Upper Intermediate Chinese I   TBA  
LLL 350 Weimar and Fascism in German Culture   Ann Rider  
LLL 280 Intermediate Arabic I   TBA  
LLL 280 Intermediate Chinese I   TBA  
LLL 200 Introduction to Language and Culture   Solange Lopes-Murphy  


LING 417 Language Differences & Linguistic Universals   Leslie Barratt  
LING 414 Lexicology: Word Form and Function   Betty Phillips  
LING 413 Linguistic Diversity in the US   Cecil Nelson  
LING 316 Introduction to TESL   Solange Lopes-Murphy  
LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics   Cecil Nelson or Ronald Dunbar  


SPAN 456 Don Quijote   Angelo DiSalvo  
SPAN 394 Teaching Spanish in the Elementary School (1 credit)   Lisa Calvin  
SPAN 311 Introduction to Spanish & Spanish American Culture   Lisa Calvin  
SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish Grammar   Melanie D'Amico  
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II   Sarah Shaneyfelt  
SPAN 202L Intermediate Spanish II Lab   Sarah Shaneyfelt  
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I   TBA  
SPAN 201L Intermediate Spanish I Lab   TBA  

100 Level Courses

ARBC 101 Elementary Arabic I      
ESL 103A English as a Second Language      
ESL 103B Writing English as a Second Language      
FREN 101 Elementary French I      
FREN 102 Elementary French II      
GERM 101 Elementary German I      
GERM 102 Elementary German II      
JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese I      
JAPN 102 Elementary Japanese II      
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I      
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II      
LLL 101 Elementary Korean I      
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I      
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II      


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