Declare a major or minor

We're glad you are interested in Declaring a Major or a Minor "Language Studies" in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics! It's really quite simple:

STEP 1: Talk with an Intake Advisors, Dr. Ann Rider. They can also help you if you're considering a Combined Degree/Double Major.

STEP 2: Contact the office of the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs, Stalker 122, and complete the appropriate form. The phone number for that office is 812-237-2781. For more information, see their web page.

Undergraduate ADVISORS: As of Fall 2008, the LLL Department offers undergraduates a "Language Studies" and a "Language Studies-Teaching" major. Advisors as of this writing are still divided into the traditional areas of student interest:

Intake Advisor: Ann Rider

Cross-Linguistics, i.e., studying a variety of language areas: Ann Rider

ENL Minor: Lisa Calvin

French Non-Teaching (majors and minors): Keri Yousif

German Non-Teaching (majors and minors): Ann Rider

Latin Non-Teaching (majors and minors), Classical Studies: Marilyn Bisch

Spanish Non-Teaching (majors and minors): Melanie D'Amico

All Teaching Majors: Lisa Calvin

TESL/TEFL Certificate, CIMT-Language Education Ph.D.

Linguistics/TESL Minor

LLL Graduate TESL/Linguistics/Cross-Linguistics Advisors: Melanie D'Amico

(Linguistics/TESL) for graduate applications

(Linguistics/TESL) for graduate students who have been admitted to the program

Transition to Teaching: Lisa Calvin

CIMT-Language Education Ph.D.:


Marilyn Bisch (Latin) Latin/Classical Studies majors and minors
Lisa Calvin (Spanish) All teaching majors and ENL minors; Transition to Teaching
Melanie D'Amico (Spanish) Spanish Non-Teaching majors and minors
Cecil Nelson (Linguistics/TESL) Graduate applications
Keri Yousif (French) French Non-Teaching majors and minors