Graduate Student Success Series


College of Graduate and
Professional Studies

Please complete the instructions below if you plan on attending one of the Graduate Student Success Series workshops online. All online workshops will be presented through Blackboard.

Follow these instructions for first time use of Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing system:


STEP 1 - Check System Requirements.
Make sure that your system is compatible with Web Conferencing. Please verify your system requirements

STEP 2 – Configure your system
We provide a Configuration Room that you can use to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio. This step is optional and is intended for sessions hosted on Blackboard Collaborate servers. To test your configuration for sessions hosted at your organization’s site please contact your Administrator.

V12.6 Configuration Room (CA-SAS)
V12.6 Configuration Room (US-SAS)
V12.6 Configuration Room (EU-SAS)
V12.6 Configuration Room (AU-SAS)

Note: When joining a Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session for the first time you may see a security dialog box asking to confirm the application’s digital signature. Click “RUN” to continue.

If you have problems joining a session, please contact:
OIT Instructional Tools support
Phone: 812-237-7000
Support Hours:
Mon – Thur. 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri. 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat - Sun. Noon - 9:00 PM