Graduate Student Success Series

The College of Graduate and Professional Studies is offering workshops to aid in your success in obtaining a graduate degree. These workshops will be in the areas of RESEARCH, TEACHING, CAREER DEVELOPMENT, and GRADUATE STUDENT LIFE. They will be offered throughout the year by expert consultants, professors, and professional staff. These are open to all graduate students and will help answer many questions including:


TEACHING – How to have authority in the classroom? How do I handle behavioral difficulties? How do I write a syllabus and grade fairly?


RESEARCH – How do I choose a thesis topic? How do I collaborate with professors? How do I write a thesis or dissertation?


CAREER – Should I go into academia, business, or public service? How do I write a resume? How can I develop interview skills?


GRADUATE STUDENT LIFE - Work–life balance, resources for graduate students, counseling, avoiding plagiarism.


Choose the workshop/s you would like to attend and come benefit from the support of the ISU campus!


Students have the option of attending the presentation in person or participating online. Registration is required in order to reserve your seat in the classroom or so that a link can be sent to participate online.

Register here!


College of Graduate and
Professional Studies