Facilities Management


For Emergencies--Please call ext. 8100

Please refer to these tutorial links for instructions on submitting Non-Emergency requests or checking your request status:

Requests for Service

*** Instructions for Requesting Service or Estimate ***

*** Instructions for Checking Status of Requests  ***

Departments are not charged for routine maintenance items such as plumbing or electrical repairs, ceiling or floor tile replacement, temperature adjustments, or structural repairs.

Departments will be charged for requests of a customized nature that are primarily for the benefit of the requesting department or specific area. 
Examples of department specific services would include (but are not limited to):  hanging pictures or other items such as display racks or document holders, assembling and installing items such as shelving or display cases, disassembling and reassembling of existing furniture items for moving (see below for direction on new furniture assembly), painting of departmental offices, repairs to departmental equipment such as autoclaves or athletic equipment, fabrication of items such as cabinets, coat racks, counters, etc. that are specifically constructed for use by the requesting department.

If you are unsure which category your request would fall under, please call 8192 for guidance.

When ordering furniture, departments are encouraged to enter requisitions or to place orders on your procurement card with vendors who will deliver and setup the furniture.  Some recommended sources of furniture are RJE Business Interiors, RE Anderson, Thiemann Office Products and Staples.  Please be sure to specify that the vendor is to deliver and setup the furniture, as recent staff reductions no longer make possible the assembly of furniture by Facilities Management.  Any furniture ordered requiring assembly, not arranged for in advance with the supplier, will be the responsibility of the ordering department.  For questions or assistance in locating a vendor for your needs, please contact the Purchasing Department , extension 3600.