External Relations

Legislation in Action

The priorities of the University continue to be based on the needs of our students. Certainly, the University's operating base budget is critical to ensure that tuition remains low, while we provide students with opportunities found only at research universities. At Indiana State, students interact with research faculty inside and outside of the classroom. Our tradition of small class sizes continues while, at the same time, we are providing new opportunities for intellectual and professional development through experiential learning.

We accomplish this through the operating budget that is appropriated by the legislature. The biennial budget provides students with access to technology, the maintenance and repair of classroom and other essential buildings on campus, and funding to maintain and attract faculty in critical programs. By maintaining adequate funding through the Indiana General Assembly, academic programming, student services, the quality of on campus life and our impact on the greater community can continue to improve and expand.

The second priority for Indiana State remains full funding of our capital budget request that will redevelop the Federal building new home for the College of Business. As you are aware, Statesman Towers currently house the College of Education and the College of Business. We have been working with Senator Evan Bayh, Senator Richard Lugar, and Congressman Brad Ellsworth to transfer the historic federal building from the United States Postal Service to ISU to serve as the new home for the College of Business. While we have worked with the federal government to meet the needs of our business students, we need the state’s assistance to complete this important project.

ISU is also working with the other state research universities to seek increased support of efforts that spur economic development in communities around the state including the Twenty-first Century Research and Technology Fund.

Indiana State University will be visiting regularly with the Governor and his staff as well as each and every member of the Indiana General Assembly to encourage adoption of our Capital projects.