Keynote Speakers

Spring 2016 Department of Biology Seminar Series

“From Molecules to Ecosystems”
All seminars begin at 4pm in S012*
(cookies at 3:30)

* Some seminars will begin at 7pm, please check the schedule for time and location.

Date Speaker
12 January Organizational Meeting
19 January TBD
26 January TBD
02 February Dr. Haixu Tang, Indiana University
"Computational methods for characterizing spontaneous mutations in bacterial genomes using whole genome shotgun sequencing," Indiana University
9 February Dr. Shaad Ahmad, Indiana State University
"Genetic, Genomic and Computational Analyses of Heart Development in Drosophila."
15 February* Dr. James Gillingham, Central Michigan University
Darwin Day Speaker
7:00 pm Talk Cunningham Memorial libray
"Ancient Love: Social Behavior of New Zealand's Endangered Reptile, the Tuatara"
23 February Dr. Anthony Clemons, New Mexico State University,
Diversity in Science Speaker
"Paralyzing Mosquito Development: An Alternative to Insect Repellants"
01 March Dr. Amit Singh, University of Dayton
"Drosophila eye model to study patterning and disease"
8 March Dr. Kun Huang, The Ohio State University
"Imaging Genomics Approach for Cancer Patient Stratification"
15 March Spring Break
22 March Dr. Joan Straussman, Washington University-St. Louis
Women in Science Speaker
"Social behavior and mutualism in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum and its bacterial symbionts"
29 March Dr. Michael Deem, Indiana State University
"Informational Opacity and Consent in Clinical Genomic Sequencing"
05 April Dr. Sussana Remold, University of Louisville
Gram Microbiology Speaker
"Stalking the elusive generalist: Pseudomonas in the home"
12 April Dr. Hyunwoo Lee, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Pharmacy, U of I at Chicago
19 April Dr. Jim Speer
Earth Day Speaker 4:00 pm Talk
26 April Dr. Eric McCluskey, The Ohio State University
Tri Beta Speaker