Darwin Keynote

Darwin Day

Darwin Day was founded to celebrate science as an international language much like music. Darwin’s idea of natural selection as a mechanism of evolution has become a central organizing principle in biology.

Tuesday 24 February 2015
Seminar begins at 7pm in Library Events Area
(cookies at 6:30)

"Darwin: Books, Beetles, and Blasphemy"
David Wooten David Wooten
Department of Life Sciences
Washtenaw Community College

David A. Wooten is full-time faculty member in the biology department at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI. He teaches General Biology, General Zoology, Evolution and Ecology, Biological Field Study, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Wooten is also a member of of the scientific advisory board for the Great Lakes Zoological Society. He received his BS and MS from Central Michigan University where he researched carapace ultrastructure in turtles and venom ontogeny in massasauga rattlesnakes. He attended the University of Florida for his doctoral work in zoology studying the insular ecology of cottonmouths. During his doctoral work, Wooten found his niche in the classroom and withdrew from research to pursue college teaching. His pedagogy incorporates the teaching and application of current research findings, evolution, behavioral ecology, and the conservation of biodiversity into a critical-thinking college classroom. Wooten has been researching and collecting antiquarian books related to biology and evolution for several years and has culminated those efforts into a traveling lecture program titled Darwin: Books, Beetles, and Blasphemy.

For more information about the talk visit website at http://www.darwinlecture.com

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