Darwin Keynote

Darwin Day

Darwin Day was founded to celebrate science as an international language much like music. Darwin’s idea of natural selection as a mechanism of evolution has become a central organizing principle in biology.

Tuesday 25 February 2014
Seminar begins at 7pm in S012
(cookies at 6:30)

"Application of Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenetics to Conservation Biology"
Dr. Mike Webster Dr. James Gibbs
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Dr. Gibbs laboratory apply the best tools available (biostatistics, molecular genetics, population modeling, stable isotope chemistry and natural history observation) to leverage science to help managers keep endangered species extant. His team is more generalists than specialists. They work around the world. The following projects have been their most recent focus.They collaborate as scientists with the Galapagos National Park (GNP) to effectively conserve giant Galapagos tortoises and the ecosystem services they provide. Another international collaboration is with The Altai Project, Altaisky Zapovednik, and WWF-Russia to help advance conservation for flagship conservation species (primarily snow leopards and argali) in the Russian/Mongolia trans-boundary region. Our work focuses on improving survey and monitoring strategies, anti-poaching support, cultivating alternative livelihoods for poachers living in poverty, and assessment of climate change implications for rangeland, wildlife and herders in the region. Additional research avenues include vernal pool restoration in the northeastern United States and conservation of the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. Finally, Dr. Gibbs has long been interested in assisting others in enhancing capacity for undertaking relevant high quality conservation science, particularly colleagues in developing countries. These efforts have taken many forms including the Problem-solving in conservation biology and wildlife management textbook and the related Network of Conservation Educators and Practicioners project at the American Museum of Natural History

For more information visit Dr. Gibbs's Laboratory at http://www.esf.edu/faculty/gibbs/

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