Darwin Keynote


“From Darwin to DNA: the Genetics of Adaptation in Mice”
Dr. Hopi Hoekstra
John L. Loeb Associate Professor of biology
Dept. of Organismic and Evolutionary biology & Curator of Mammalogy
Harvard University

Dr. Hoekstra investigates the evolutionary genetics of natural populations of mammals. Currently, her laboratory is interested in the genetics of adaptation (morphology, behavior, reproduction and development) and speciation in wild populations. She uses Peromyscus (deer mice) as a model system.

Dr. Hoekstra has received numerous awards including the Beckman Young Investigator, American Society of Naturalists Promising Young Researcher and the Ernst Mayr Awards. Her research is funded by NIH, NSF and Howard Hughes Foundation. Her research has been published in Science, Evolution, as well as many other international journals.

For more information visit Dr. Hoekstra’s Laboratory at http://www.oeb.harvard.edu/faculty/hoekstra/

Dr. Hopi Hoekstra's Photographs at Indiana State University

"Flock of Dodos Panel Discussion"

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