2 February, 2016

Dr. Haixu Tang, Indiana University

"Computational methods for characterizing spontaneous mutations in bacterial genomes using whole genome shotgun sequencing"

For more information: visit Dr. Tang's site at http://www.informatics.indiana.edu/hatang/

9 February, 2016

Dr. Shaad Ahmad, Indiana State University

"Genetic, Genomic and Computational Analyses of Heart Development in Drosophila."

Dr. Ahmad's lab uses integrated genetic, genomic, computational and molecular biology strategies to identify novel genes involved in Drosophila heart development, investigate their function and regulation, and examine the role of their orthologs in vertebrate and mammalian (including human) cardiogenesis. Our ultimate goal is to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of heart development which incorporates both a systems-level view of the underlying genetic network and detailed examinations of the roles of individual genes. We also use similar approaches to examine and dissect biological processes involved in the development of other organs. The lab is interested in recruiting motivated and dedicated SURE students who are interested in gaining experience in genetics, molecular biology and/or developmental biology.

For more information: visit Dr. Ahmad's webpage at http://www2.indstate.edu/biology/faculty/ahmad.htm

1 March, 2016

Dr. Amit Singh, University of Dayton

"Drosophila eye model to study patterning and disease"

Learn more about Dr. Singh's research at https://www.udayton.edu/directory/artssciences/biology/singh_amit.php

8 March, 2016

Dr. Kun Huang, The Ohio State University

"Imaging Genomics Approach for Cancer Patient Stratification"

To learn more about Dr. Huang's Research, please visit http://medicine.osu.edu/bmi/people/kun_huang/pages/index.aspx

29 March, 2016

Dr. Michael Deem, Indiana State University

"Informational Opacity and Consent in Clinical Genomic Sequencing"

More can be learned about Dr. Deem and his research by visiting http://mjdeem.weebly.com

12 April, 2016

Dr. Hyunwoo Lee, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago

Title to be determined

To learn more about Dr. Hyunwoo Lee and his research, visit https://pharmacy.uic.edu/research/center-for-biomolecular-sciences/directory/hlee31

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