From Molecules to Ecosystems Seminar Series

Innovative Science community of the Wabash Valley

For the past ten years the Department of Biology has been cultivating partnerships in order to build a science community. The goal is to create and maintain a community that exemplifies the spirit of experiential learning and community engagement. Through partnerships on and off campus a speaker series has been developed that sparks interest in a broad spectrum of the Wabash Valley.

Initially, a founding partner, the Department of Sciences and Mathematics at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, has helped build a small seminar series into a resource for the community. Internally, many campus groups such as the Center for Public Service and Community Engagement, the Honors Program, First Year Experience,  College of Graduate Studies and Professional Studies, the Office of Affirmative Action and Diversity, the Women’s Studies Program, the Center for Science Education, The Center for Genomic Advocacy, Office of the President, and General Education have become stakeholders and have been working towards creating a Wabash Valley Science Community.

The Ultimate goal is to develop a community that broadens the scope of scholarship opportunities between students, faculty, and the general public in the Wabash Valley. Ideally we are creating a culture of scientific communication that allows us to host nationally and internationally recognized scientists to the Wabash Valley to interact with our students (both undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and the Terre Haute community. The Wabash Valley Science Community is facilitated through the keynote speaker series “From Molecules to Ecosystems”.