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The ISU Travel Department assists University departments by relaying information, explaining and interpreting travel policies and procedures, processing Travel Authorizations, processing Travel Reimbursements, and keeping accurate travel records. We will make our best effort to ensure that you will receive reimbursement for travel expenses within five working days from the time your complete and accurate expense report has been fully approved. 

Official University travel is defined as travel by University personnel, non-University personnel, and University students when the authorizing individuals consider such travel to be in the professional and/or business interest of both the traveler and the University. Such expenses may include transportation, lodging, subsistence, and registration fees. Travelers are expected to observe the University's policies and procedures in the type and amount of expenses incurred. In order for your reimbursement to be non-taxable, you must follow ISU's Accountable Plan Guidelines. ISU will only pay for travel that is properly authorized.

International Travel Warnings/Alerts: The Vice President of your area or Provost must review and approve faculty/staff/student travel to countries/areas for which the U.S. State Department has issued a Travel Warning or Alert (see U.S. Department of State Travel Alerts). Approvals will also be needed if the U.S. State Department issues a Travel Alert or Warning after the initial authorization was granted, but prior to the date of the actual trip. It is the responsibility of the traveler to get approval prior to departure. Please see the International Travel section below for additional information.

Visit the tabs below to learn more about the travel policies and procedures of the University.

COVID Travel Constraints: Domestic business travel will only be allowed in limited circumstances and with approval from the appropriate Vice President. Please attach the email approval as a pdf file to the pre-approval prior to submission. University-sponsored international travel will not be approved until further notice.

University-sponsored/funded student travel is suspended for the fall semester. Exceptions can be granted only with approval of the appropriate Cabinet member.

Employees who travel to areas with an outbreak of COVID-19 will be expected to remain home for a period of fourteen (14) days.

Rideshare and Car Rental:

It is recognized that vehicles could pose a risk for COVID-19 transmission considering the smaller airspace and the challenges with maintaining the suggested 6 food separation between individuals. No employee will be required to rideshare with multiple passengers when conducted University business travel. Limit the number of passengers in a vehicle to only those necessary. Wear a face mask and ride in the rear seat of the vehicle when possible. Travel by multi-passenger vans will not be approved without prior approval by a VP or Cabinet member.

Reservations of vans for local transportation of students to field sites or other locations is prohibited. Exceptions can be granted only with approval of the appropriate Cabinet member.

Prepaid Expenses

Registration Fees

Registration Fees

Registration fees can be paid in the following ways:

Procurement Card: The preferred method of payment for registration fees is the Purchasing Card Site (Procard). If the registration fee is greater than your credit limit, you will need to pay via check request or personal credit card. All University travel must be approved prior to payment of registration fees with the Procard. Please make sure you have a Pre-Approval in place prior to your trip.

Policies and procedures regarding the Procard may be found by visiting the Purchasing Card site. For additional questions regarding this process, contact Donna Scarbrough at Ext. 3519 or

Check Request: The University will prepay registration fees for a conference if a Procard is not used via a Check Request. Forward the check request plus two copies of the registration form to the Travel Department in the Office of the Controller for payment (one copy to mail & one copy as backup). Please allow five (5) days for processing. If a non-reimbursable expense has been incurred via the registration fee (spouse ticket, entertainment, etc.) this must be paid back to the University with a personal check.

Personal Check/Credit Card: The traveler can prepay for registration with a personal credit card or check, but will not be able to claim reimbursement for it until after the travel has been completed.

Travelers should register early to reserve the sessions, workshops, and lodging of their choice. You may register for any meals pertinent to the trip, such as roundtable discussions, seminars, or speakers. Do not claim subsistence on your Expense Report for the meals that are included in the conference registration fee.

If the form includes registration for a "night on the town", tour, or other such fun, sign up remembering that such events are considered entertainment, and thus, you pay for them yourself. If you are registering online, please make sure to print the registration page before actually completing registration to be used for payment of subsistence.

Chrome River: The traveler can prepay for registration, but will not be able to claim reimbursement for it until after the travel has been completed. Registration can be reimbursed on the Expense Report created in Chrome River.

Travel Cash Advances

Travel Cash Advances

Travel Cash advances are only allowed for:

  • Field trips
  • Foreign travel

A travel cash advance may not be requested by anyone who already has an open cash advance.


A request for Cash Advqance is completed with the Pre-Approval in Chrome River. Please see detailed instructions listed on the help section of the Chrome River Welcome page.


All Cash Advances must be closed out within thirty (30) days after returning from the trip. The Cash Advance close out is completed on the Expense Report in Chrome River. Please see the detailed instructions listed in the help section of the Chrome River Welcome page.

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