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What is an Agency Account?

Agency accounts are those accounts established by the University for Non-University entities, such as fraternities and sororities, other student groups, faculty and staff projects, and outside organizations or activities. The activities of these entities directly or indirectly provide services or benefits to the University community. All budget and financial transactions, including receipts, encumbrances, and expenditures, are reflected in the accounting records for each Agency.

Student organizations registered with the Student Government Association (SGA), which also receive SGA grant money, are required to have an agency account for tracking purposes.

Although the instructions contained on this site are addressed to organization Treasurers, they should be carefully reviewed by the other Officers and by the Advisors who also have a responsibility to ensure accountability through frequent inspection and verification of financial records.

Opening an Agency Account

  • Student Organization Agency Accounts are created by submitting a New Agency Account Form. The form requires the signatures of the Advisor and a Student Activities and Organizations representative.
  • All other Agency account requests should be directed to

Account Index

The Controller’s Office will assign each Agency account a unique alphanumeric code, known as an INDEX. An index is between four and six characters long and is usually a part, or abbreviation, of the name of the account. This will be the Agency "account number" and will be needed on all Purchases Orders, Agency Vouchers, Intramural Vouchers, Travel Authorizations, and deposits. Know your INDEX!

Cash Ledger Book

The Office of the Controller recommends the use of a Cash Ledger Book for maintaining account records.

All Agency account transactions should be recorded in the Cash Ledger Book.

  • Deposits: Record the deposit amount in the "Deposits/Credits" column and the receipt number in the "Document No." column.
  • Disbursements: Record the disbursement amount in the "Withdrawals/Debits" column and the invoice number in the "Document No." column.

A ledger other than the Cash Ledger Book, may be used, but it is recommended to use the same accounting format.

End of the Year Audit

The Office of the Controller collects Agency Account financial records at the end of each spring semester for an audit. The Budget Coordinator will perform this audit.

The following items are requested at the time of audit:

  • Cash Ledger Book worksheets
  • Petty Cash records
  • Agency & Intramural Vouchers
  • Cashier receipts

All outstanding bills need to be paid before the audit. All petty cash accounts and Agency Purchase Orders must be closed BEFORE the end of the spring semester. Submitting the audit materials is also very convenient for storing an organization's records over the summer break. In the fall, the new treasurer can pick up the records at the Controller's Office.

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