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All funds raised and/or received by or for an Agency must be deposited at the Office of the Controller. All funds collected must be submitted as soon as possible. Collecting funds and disbursing straight from those funds is inappropriate and doesn’t allow for tracking of expenditures.

The collection of funds using any type of credit card swiping device attached to a tablet or smart phone is prohibited.

Making a Deposit

Deposits are made at the cashier window in the Office of the Controller, located in the first floor of Parsons Hall.

  • The Agency account Index and an account code must be provided. The account code 56304 should be used for deposits for Agency accounts.
  • If depositing checks, it is necessary to write the Index and the account code of 56304 on the back of each check.
  • The cashier will produce a receipt for each deposit made. This receipt will have the date and receipt number that should be recorded in the Cash Ledger Book.

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Billie Dill
Agency Budget Coordinator
Ext. 3522