All grants and contracts awarded to Indiana State University are reviewed to make certain that each agreement is supportive of ISU's mission and that the rights of the researchers are protected. Because Indiana State University (not the school, department, center, or individual faculty member) is the legal entity for all awards, there is a process for central review of incoming awards to ensure that ISU can accept any conditions imposed on the award.

Who receives and negotiates awards?

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for reviewing and negotiating any awards that are received from external sponsors.

What if a check or agreement is sent directly to me?

Please do not sign any agreement on behalf of ISU! Only employees who have been delegated signature authority by the ISU Board of Trustees are authorized to sign these agreements. If you receive an agreement in this way, please forward them to The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). It is also important to note that the OSP staff has the experience to deal with agencies to negotiate fair and reasonable terms.

Also, please don't sign or deposit any accompanying checks. Only the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) should handle and deposit funds received from external agencies. This is important for OCG’s record keeping. Also, university internal controls require that OCG deposits these funds for externally funded projects.

After the agreement is accepted what happens?

After the award is accepted, OSP will send the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) the all signed agreement. OCG will then work with Financial Accounting to establish a grant index. OCG will contact your department and work with the project director and/or their administrative staff on any specific information needed to set up the grant index. After all the necessary information is obtained and all compliance issues are met, the OCG will email the grant procedures and the new grant index to the project director and their administrative staff. The information sent in this email is very important to the award management of the new project and should be reviewed closely.

What could delay the release of the award’s index?

There are several items that could delay the release of your new grant index. Some of the delays include:

What are the principal investigator’s roles and responsibilities?