media relations

Indiana State University Media Relations works to tell the Indiana State story throughout Indiana and Illinois, with particular emphasis on the Indianapolis and northwest Indiana markets, as well as nationally and internationally. Media Relations produces news releases, feature stories and multi-media packages that showcase experiential learning, community outreach, and research.

With experience in newspaper, radio and television newsrooms in three states, ISU media relations professionals understand the media's needs and can provide materials that are "ready to print" or "ready to roll" in a variety of formats.

Media Relations also manages media inquiries on behalf of the university. When the news media contacts the office, Media Relations works to identify the most suitable individual to respond to a specific inquiry. Media Relations staff members also serve as official spokespeople for the university as appropriate. If the news media contacts an individual or office on campus directly, please inform Media Relations immediately.

The areas of responsibility for each media relations staff member area outlined in a "beat system" similar to that used by the media. For more information on media relations, contact:

Dave Taylor
Director of Media Relations
Gillum Hall 102
(812) 237-3743