Counseling Services

All registered students at Indiana State University, are eligible to receive counseling services at the SCC. The first appointment is FREE, after which there is one-time fee of $60 for counseling for the academic year. Depression, anxiety, difficulties in relationships, feelings of inadequacy, sexuality issues, identity problems, substance abuse issues and problems interfering with academic functioning are some of the concerns students address through counseling.

The SCC does not offer treatment for all emotional or psychological disorders, particularly those disorders that are chronic, severe, or involving the high risk of harm to self or others, including severe personality or psychotic disorders, and severe substance abuse or recovery. Clients needing extended treatment or special services beyond those offered at the SCC will be referred to competent resources in the Terre Haute community.

"First Contact" Appointments

If you are interested in obtaining an SCC service we request that you give us a call at (812) 237-3939 between 8:00 and 4:30, M-F to schedule a "First Contact" assessment appointment. Our Front Desk will schedule you to see a Counselor within the week of your call and often within one to two days of your call. You will then meet, for about 15 to 30 minutes, with a counselor who will help explore your concerns and then make recommendations to you for treatment. These recommendations may include the following services:

Individual Counseling

The primary service of the SCC is individual counseling with one of our senior staff or graduate trainees. In individual counseling a student will establish goals for therapy with their particular counselor and use each session to work towards those goals. As new issues arise, these may be addressed as well. Therapy sessions typically last 45 to 50 minutes and are usually once per week. Your course of therapy will be as individual as you are and may require only a few sessions, or many weeks. The SCC provides individual counseling up to 12 sessions per student per year. Students clearly requiring longer term care, or more intense case management may be referred to community resources more capable of providing that care.

Group Counseling

The SCC typically offers one or more interpersonal therapy groups each semester and may also offer shorter term groups on topics such as grief and loss, and women’s or men’s issues. Groups consist of five to ten students and one or two staff counselors as group facilitators. Each week the group meets to discuss the varying concerns of the group members. Groups provide an excellent environment to receive support and candid but caring feedback, to learn or improve social confidence, and to address concerns ranging from depression and anxiety, to relationship concerns, to working through issues resulting from abuse. As with individual therapy, group members agree to keep all information confidential, and to create a safe and supportive environment within the group. The interpersonal groups meet for the duration of each semester and there is no limit to the number of group sessions for which a student is eligible.

Couples Counseling

Often student seek counseling due to concerns about their relationships. The SCC provides counseling to couples, or to students in other relationships, such as roommates, and can help improve your relationship communications, remove barriers to intimacy and help you with problem solving. To be eligible, both people wishing counseling must be current ISU students. As with individual counseling, students will establish goals for treatment as well as expectations for the process of therapy with their counselor.

Psychiatric Services

The SCC has a consulting psychiatrist available to student clients who have been assessed by their counselors as potential candidates who would benefit from psychotropic medication treatment. Counseling is a very powerful method for treating issues such as depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and other disorders. At times, however, medication is very helpful. The ISU Student Counseling Center offers psychiatric services for students who may benefit from a medication evaluation and prescriptions. The psychiatrist provides multimodal-treatment recommendations to the clinical staff to help with complex psychological problems and give student clients more comprehensive treatment coverage.  Please note that in order to see the psychiatrist, students must be regularly engaged in counseling with a therapist here at the SCC. 

Veteran's Services

The Student Counseling Center is happy to have therapist, Mr. Steve Gearhart from the Veterans Administration (VA) working in our offices 2-4 days a month. He will provide free services to those that meet the following qualifications: Must be a current Indiana State student, must be registered with the VA, and must have been deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan. To schedule an appointment please call the VA at (812) 232-2890 and ask for Valerie.

Health Advisement

The Student Health Promotions (SHP) Office, located in the Student Counseling Center, provides private consultations and individual assessments to students to help them create healthy lifestyles, while at ISU. Individual assessments and advisements offered include: lifestyle assessment, planning for health risk reduction, stress reduction, sexuality and STD risk reduction, weight management, and other concerns.

Substance Abuse Treatment

The SCC provides assessment, education and treatment services for ISU students who are having difficulties with substance abuse issues, i.e., alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, etc., affecting their college lives.

For students seeking services for alcohol or marijuana concerns, the SCC provides short term individual counseling as well as brief groups for these concerns. All students must undergo an initial appointment with a counselor to determine the level of risk and current usage. Based on the outcome of the first appointment, students are referred to either the alcohol or marijuana psycho-education groups or to individual counseling. The groups are a total of 3 hours and take place over a 3 week period. All students referred to the group must complete MyStudentBody, an online alcohol education program designed to promote alcohol awareness for college-level students.

At times, students may be referred for more formal drug and alcohol evaluations to satisfy requirements for Student Judicial, the courts, or another referring entity. The SCC uses a structured assessment to determine the student’s current and future level of risk. Please note that there is an additional cost for these assessments as they do not fall under the normal counseling fee.

As with many other universities, drug use at ISU is an ever-growing concern. As with alcohol, the SCC provides both assessment and brief treatment to ISU students who are deemed appropriate for our services. Individuals needing more intensive treatment are referred to appropriate programs within the community.

In addition to assessment and brief treatment, the SCC and Student Health Promotion also offer consultation to the campus community regarding those with substance use concerns as well as a range of outreach programming focused on alcohol and drug use. Examples of outreach services provided include presentations, displays, informational tables, and other activities as requested.