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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

If I am having an emergency, who should I call?

Call 911 or go to your local emergency room. The clinics at ISU do not provide emergency services.

Do I have to pay for services at the ISU Clinics?

Yes. Each of the clinics charges a fee for the services they provide. However, the fee is low-cost compared to the same service received elsewhere

If I am a student, should I look at other programs and services?

Yes. You are welcome to receive services at any of the clinics on campus, but the Counseling Center (237-3939) and the UAP Clinic (237-3883) located in Student Services Building on north 5th Street exist to serve students.

Mental Health Clinics

Should I go to the Psychology Clinic, the Counseling Clinic, or the Social Work Clinic?

Any of the three clinics may meet your needs. We recommend that you read the information provided here and then explore the webpages of each clinic to see which you think will best serve you.

Why are there three mental health clinics on the ISU campus?

There are three clinics on campus because each is a training facility for students earning an advanced degree in a specific discipline. The Psychology Clinic trains doctoral students in clinical psychology, the Counseling Clinic trains Master’s students in Counseling, and the Social Work Clinic was established to provide training for students working toward a Master’s degree in social work. Students in all three clinics are supervised by licensed practitioners.

Are their fees different?

The clinics are all non-profit organizations and charge fees that are reasonably priced. These lower fees are established so that people in the community have options for affordable mental health services and students in training can benefit from working with real clients. The fees differ a bit from clinic to clinic, but are all reduced from what you would pay for services elsewhere.

Where do I go if I want therapy?

All three clinics offer therapy. The Counseling Clinic offers counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. The Psychology Clinic provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples and groups. The Social Work Clinic...

Where do I go if I want to be tested?

he Psychology Clinic provides a range of psychological assessments, both for cognitive ability and personality functioning, and has a specialty in testing grade-school- aged children for ADHD. Counseling Clinic? Porter Clinic?

Where do I go if I want medication?

None of the three mental health clinics we are describing here have medical doctors on staff, so you cannot be prescribed medication at these facilities. However… (will the Health and Wellness folks do any psych meds?)

Physical Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation Clinic

What population is served by this clinic?

Services are available to Indiana State community (students, faculty, staff), Terre Haute community members and athletes, and Indiana State student-athletes.

What is the referral process for authorization of services provided by the clinic?

An individual must obtain a prescription for service from a primary care or specialty physician for specific pathology to be addressed at the clinic.

What are the specific services provided by the Physical Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation Clinic?

Clinician training/Certifications:
1. Vestibular
2. Neurovascular
3. Cardiovascular
4. Pediatrics
5. Geriatrics
6. Athletes (of all skill and participation levels)
7. Muscle Energy Techniques
8. Functional Movement Screening
9. SFMA - Selected Functional Movement Assessment
10. Y-Balance assessment
11. Graston Technique
12. Work Conditioning

Modalities available:
1. Low level laser therapy
2. Biowave treatment
3. Ultrasound/Electrical Stimulation
4. Iontophoresis
5. Cervical and Lumbar mechanical traction
6. Hivamat treatment
7. Inter-X treatments (non-invasive neuro-stimulation)

Other services offered:
1. Brace fitting
2. Orthotic fitting
3. Biodex testing
4. IMPACT testing
5. Aquatic therapy
6. TENS unit individual fitting and instruction
7. One on one patient care
8. Individualized treatment plans
9. Involvement with Graduate and Undergraduate Student Education

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