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Innovation Alliance program:

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DesAcc Inc. is a leading medical software engineering company whose products are used for analysis of digital medical images such as X-rays or MRIs. The company, whose products are currently in use at more than 5,000 healthcare facilities in more than 30 countries, is expanding into new applications that will include diagnostic image analysis, work flow, patient reporting and other aspects of medicine that involve digital data. Over the last 12 months, DesAcc has collaborated with Adobe Systems? to develop three new products that focus on providing clinical context to the Adobe Systems? line of software products and services. DesAcc plans to release these new clinical applications in the immediate future. Visit their website at DesACC.

InfraWare logo

InfraWare is a Terre Haute-based software company started in 2003 by Rose-Hulman graduate Nick Mahurin. The company has developed a next-generation software platform for providing medical transcripts or medical reports more efficiently. Medical transcription is a $10 billion industry that has a shortage of qualified workers and a fragmented workforce. InfraWare plans to launch a national and international marketing effort for its third generation of software that increases productivity, reduces production costs and accelerates turn-around times of medical transcription.  Visit their website at InfraWare.

Vextec logo

VEXTEC Corporation was founded by two Rose-Hulman graduates and is a privately-owned software, consulting, and services company previously headquartered in the Nashville TN. The company has a comprehensive staff of engineering, scientific and software development and business application specialists. VEXTEC’s mission is the development and support of an enterprise solution software package for desktop computational reliability modeling (DCRM). The company established a Terre Haute Test Center/Laboratory. Visit their website at VEXTEC.

Midwest Compliance Laboratories, LLC is a joint venture of former employees of Pfizer led by Brent Schludecker, founder and President. Midwest Compliance is a pre-venture company that will provide laboratory testing services to the pharmaceutical and food industry, focusing on quality and customer service. Some of the services that will be offered include, but are not limited to: multi-compendial excipient/raw material analysis, nutritional testing, intermediate/bulk/finished goods drug product analytical testing.  Visit their website at MCLabs.

Stimulus Engineering 

Stimulus Engineering was formed by two engineering veterans from Crane. The company's areas of focus are energy, defense and the life sciences and they provide forward-looking products and technical services to defense and security sector customers.  Visit their website at Stimulus Engineering.

Synergy Healthcare Resources, with Telamon Global Services

Synergy Healthcare Resources, with Telamon Global Services The companies are setting up a partnership to provide medical billing software, services, and back-office processing. Visit their website at Synergy Healthcare


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