Downtown Terre Haute, Inc.                                  

Indiana State University (ISU) and Downtown Terre Haute, Inc. share a common objective:  developing a downtown that is a vibrant hub for business, entertainment, government, arts and educational activity, attracting local residents, students and area visitors.

In addition to being adjacent to ISU and home to more than 21,000 college students, Terre Haute is a destination retail market for the metropolitan area and surrounding rural communities.  Recent developments in and around the city are also having a tremendous impact, resulting in Terre Haute being recognized as the 2010 Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Downtown Terre Haute is experiencing a level of growth not seen in many years and the University continues to be a catalyst for further growth.  With the recent construction of the Barnes & Noble bookstore and ISU Foundation offices, coupled with the future home of the Scott College of Business downtown, these projects will likely be recognized as the tipping point for downtown development.    

   Cooperative Growth Initiative

Downtown Terre Haute, Inc. – in partnership with ISU – has developed the Downtown Cooperative Growth Initiative to promote, attract, and sustain a significant increase in customers and business for downtown merchants.


The initiative leverages talent from ISU for design development and program implementation, while relying on the guidance and direction of a seasoned, regionally based advertising and marketing agency, Mediaworks.  The cooperative is intended to benefit all downtown merchants, while providing ISU faculty and students experiential learning opportunities throughout the process.  


Details of the initiative can be found in the following documents:  

          Downtown Growth Initiative.pdf    

          Downtown Cooperative Growth Initiative Phase One

Check out the map of what Downtown Terre Haute has to offer!