minas center for investment
& financial education

The Randall and Nancy Minas Center for Investment and Financial Education was established in 2007 and encompasses the activities of the Scott College of Business' financial trading room, including activities of the student Investment Club, which manages a portfolio of over $400,000.

The Center's endowment helps to provide some of the technology in the financial trading room as well as ongoing faculty training and development. It also enhances student career development through special workshops, seminars, training events and guest speakers.  [Read More]

Trading room

New home for Scott College of Business

Scott College of Business opening.  <Watch Video>

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hands-on real (estate) lessons

A class of ISU real estate finance students participated in the NAIOP University Challenge last semester. The competition pitted students from ISU against several Indiana universities in a case-study simulation that parallels situations that commercial real estate professionals encounter.

"It was a really great learning experience, and ... just opened up our eyes about the industry," said Houghton, then a senior from Plymouth who double majored in finance and communication with a concentration in public relations. "I know there are a few people in my class who want to get into real estate, so it was really helpful for them, and now we all have a better understanding of the industry."  >>Read More<<