Strategic Goals

ISU campusThe Alliance for Servant-Leadership’s strategic goals reflect the three fundamental missions of the University; namely: teaching and learning, scholarship and creative expression, and public and professional service.

Develop the Alliance as a Servant-Leader Learning Community

To become a caring, enabling learning community, providing service and support to its member on campus and partners beyond. This goal can be specified through the following strategic commitments:

Student Learning

To enable students to develop the knowledge and dispositions of Servant-Leadership and gain personal competence in its application through the University's formal academic curricula and out-of-class learning opportunities.

Scholarship and Creative Expression

To expand the boundaries of understanding of the theory and practice of Servant-Leadership through systematic inquiry, research, scholarship, and forms of creative expression.

University Professional Development

To provide faculty, staff, and administrators of the University with opportunities to increase their understanding of Servant-Leadership and to become competent in its application through professional development and organizational development learning experiences.

University Organizational Development

To facilitate the effectiveness of the University as an educational institution through the application of Servant-Leadership principles and practices.

Community Service

To provide professional and organizational development experiences for individuals and organizations in the extended community so as to enhance the quality of their lives and performance through the application of Servant-Leadership.