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Among the department's stakeholders are our alumni whose connection with the Department of Art and Design is, undeniably, as coveted as it is essential. They constitute an important link not only with the department and its history, but also with its future, the profession, and the outside world. They are significant to our existence because of the experiential insights that they embody, the inspirational examples that they provide our students, and the professional avenues that they facilitate.

It is our belief that maintaining contact with our alumni can only have a salutary effect on our program and offer our students the necessary head start that they may need as they embark on their professional careers. Equally important is the financial assistance that our alumni continue to provide, and for which we are deeply grateful. Their generous gifts to the department help in many significant respects, not the least are the numerous scholarships and awards that we are able to offer our students. The largest gift that we have received in our department's history came in 2003 from the estate of an alumna, Marian R. Frutiger of Houston, Texas, in the sum of $60,000.

If you are a member of ISU Department of Art and Design alumni, we would like to hear from you. We are interested in hearing about your progress and keeping you abreast of ours. We would like to exchange information and news with you, and perhaps link you up with one or two colleagues. Please send us a note at or call (812) 237-3697.

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