Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


university mission and value statements


Indiana State University Mission Statement

Indiana State University combines a tradition of strong undergraduate and graduate education with a focus on community and public service. We integrate teaching, research, and creative activity in an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment to prepare productive citizens for Indiana and the world.


Inspired by a shared commitment to improving our communities, Indiana State University will be known nationally for academic, cultural, and research opportunities designed to ensure the success of its people and their work.

Indiana State University Value Statement

We demonstrate integrity through honesty, civility, and fairness.

We value high standards for learning, teaching, and inquiry.

We foster personal growth within an environment in which every individual matters.

We uphold the responsibility of university citizenship.

We provide a well-rounded education that integrates professional preparation and study in the arts and sciences with co-curricular involvement.

We embrace the diversity of individuals, ideas, and expressions.

We exercise stewardship of our global community.